Send Your Hair to the Oil Spill

Human and pet hair can be used to absorb oil. This seems odd, since if I don't wash my hair every other day it gets oily. But whatevs.

Some hairdresser figured out that hair absorbed oil during the Exxon Valdez disaster (remember that- people boycotted Exxon, and local celebrities were outed if seen filling up at an Exxon).

From the Seattle PI:

• Line a designated hair collection box with plastic
• Any length of hair is fine
• All types of head hair including straight, curly, dyed, or permed are fine (My comment: you know some sicko is sending pubes)
• Shampooed hair is preferred
• Fur, horse hair and wool is accepted
• Pet hair does not need to be shampooed, just not filthy
• Include hair only and not other garbage
• Tie the bag shut and tape the box

Washed nylon stockings, even with runs, are also needed. Put these in a separate bag.

Go to the Matter of Trust site for where to mail your hair.

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