Lost Sighting

Last night I went to pick up some Baja Fresh and as I got closer to the sidewalk I see people leaving SAGs offices (they share a parking lot), and gathering around one guy. As I walked past I see it's Matthew Fox. Dude is tall. Once I'm past I ask a woman walking in the same direction as me what was going on and she said they watched Lost and had a Q&A with Matthew Fox. I asked if it was the finale and she said no (which was a dumb question on my part- why would they show the finale?). I almost turned around and asked MF all the questions I've been blogging about, in exchange for some fish tacos of course.

Funny side story- earlier that day I was talking to an intern who said they were having a finale screening in the theatre on campus. I jokingly said I was going to try and sneak in as a student (ok, somewhat jokingly). She said she saw Desmond in an elevator once. I said I never see any of them around, she said they film in Hawaii, blah blah blah. Then that night I see Matthew Fox? What a coinkidink.

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