American Idol

Each singer picked a song first, their second song was picked by the judges. 

Casey- first song was a snoozer. It's almost cute that he's so naive that he doesn't know to play a catchy song, even though they've reminded him week, after week, after week. 

Crystal- I listened to the Melissa Etheridge CD that has Come to My Window on it, a lot in the 90's (palazzo pants shout out!). So I dig the song. But the harmonica (or was it the arrangement, am I that knowledgeable?) was off. Ellen gave a lesbian name drop "Melissa would be proud of you". Because, all lesbians know each other.

Lee-  I was a little hesitant when I heard the words "Lynard Skynard" (no offense- all I know of them is Free Bird). But he done good.

Casey- Randy and Kara gave Casey a John Mayer song, which I don't think is his genre, which was odd since Kara always talks about people's genres. A John Mayer song shows you can sing ok, but doesn't wow 'em.

Crystal- They told Casey his song choice wasn't known to a lot of voters, and then Ellen gives Crystal a song by Wings.

Lee- Hallelujah gets me every single time.

Crystal and Lee in the finals ya know it.

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