Ok, Fine

I watched the Celebrity Apprentice finale. Which means I had to tape it since it was opposite Lost. And I said CA wasn't a show to tape so I'm a big fat hypocrite, ok? I guess I'll just go down and register for the GOP now.

It really is just something to watch when you're too pooped from work to do anything else. There isn't anything compelling about it. It doesn't have smoke monsters or Jack Bauer. Sometimes I just don't want to think while watching tv, ok? (defensive)

And while I love hair bands, I never was into Poison. They had a couple good songs, but they're not casino concert viewing for me. Bret Michaels does seem like a nice guy, but he's no Jon Bon Jovi. Now that would be a good Celebrity Apprentice- Hair Bands. Calling Kip Winger!

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