His Oscar Speech Was a Big Hint

If you saw Sean Penn receive his oscar this year, then you probably aren't surprised that he has filed for divorce, again, from his wife Robin. They have both filed for divorce over the years.

Sean didn't acknowledge Robin in his speech, even though it is alleged that she puts up with a lot of his crap. At the after oscar parties, when they were interviewed, Robin looked lovey dovey and Sean looked less as attached. Just my opinion.

Other celebs who didn't give a shout out to their spouses when they won awards- Hilary Swank (now divorced) and Jennifer Aniston (duh). Sarah Jessica is another one, but that relationship seems to be hanging on.

Photo: US Weekly

My Julia Roberts Dilemma

I waver on Julia Roberts. I try to fight my internal girl and despise her because she's pretty, rich, and can flirt in a way I would never be able to do in a thousand years (just watch any Letterman when she's on). If I'm going to despise someone, it should be for actual reasons.

I've heard she is a beeyatch. And then I've heard she's settled down and isn't that bad.

She allegedly was not cool while allegedly breaking up her now husband's previous marriage. Allegedly. But then I've seen the clip where she curses out the paparrazzi for following her at her children's school, and that's all kinds of awesome. So, I'm still torn.

This clip might push me in the Julia is alright direction:

I think it's funny

Notice how she disses the Tom Hanks movie where he is living in the airport. Isn't that directed by Steven Spielberg? Julia and Spielberg famously hate each other, I think from the Hook days.

From PopEater via Gawker

Matt Lauer is an Idiot

I am hoping Matt Lauer, or someone working for him, gets Google alerts and sees this post.

Matt did a report on getting things for free, which I suppose he thought was helpful for people during this economy.

The real gem:

-Matt points out that the free food given out a Price Club (is that east coast Costco?) is almost like a buffet. First of all, Matt- Everyone knows about the free samples at Costco. Second of all- that's not going to feed a family. Third of all- those ladies handing out the samples are on to the people that try and get more than one and they will beat you down.

But maybe Matt has some better ideas?

-Sign up for contests. The lady Matt talks to about this warns that you shouldn't give out your SSN, or address...yeah, this sounds like a winner of an idea.

Surely someone has something of value for this Today segment?

-Some lady has at least three pages of stuff that she has gotten free. What they don't tell you is that it's probably that crap that people put a sign on that says "Free". I did that to an old desk, put it out in front of the house and it was gone! People take free stuff just to take stuff. Doesn't mean it's stuff that they need or that will help.

The reason I'm so bothered is Matt, while closing up the segment, says to the woman who suggested the contests (paraphrasing) "it really is good for people out there."

Just what all rich people want to think.

Jumping Ship

Senator Arlen Specter, a moderate republican, is changing parties.

Did the Repubs Cut Pandemic Spending From the Stimulus?

That's what the Huffington Post is reporting. Also, there are reports that Karl Rove complained about Pandemic funding in the stimulus, as well. But it was Repub Senator Susan Collins who might've had an active role:

Famously, Maine Senator Collins, the supposedly moderate Republican who demanded cuts in health care spending in exchange for her support of a watered-down version of the stimulus, fumed about the pandemic funding: "Does it belong in this bill? Should we have $870 million in this bill No, we should not."

Even now, Collins continues to use her official website to highlight the fact that she led the fight to strip the pandemic preparedness money out of the Senate's version of the stimulus measure.

According to Think Progress:

On February 5, Karl Rove took to the pages of the Wall Street Journal to argue against President Obama's Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act because, in his view, the spending was not targeted to create or preserve jobs. In particular, Rove complained about the fact that the bill included "$900 million for pandemic flu preparations." He contended that such spending was unnecessary because the health care sector "added jobs last year."

Go Hug a Gay

Because they are probably in the fetal position listening to "Thank You For Being a Friend" over and over and over while shouting "Maude!"

Bea Arthur, 86, who was on Broadway and starred in Maude and The Golden Girls (duh) has gone off to the big mauve sofa in the sky. Pour one out for Bea.

What the Pluck?

Susan Boyle, the Scottish singer who surprised everyone on Britain's Got Talent, shows off her new brows.

Photo: E!

You Go Mia

Mia Farrow will start a hunger strike to show support for the people of Darfur:

"On April 27 I will begin a fast of water only in solidarity with the people of Darfur and as a personal expression of outrage at a world that is somehow able to stand by and watch innocent men, women and children needlessly die of starvation, thirst and disease," Farrow said in a statement.

I agree with her in that we are a nation of large people who can't control their eating and people are starving around the world.

Source: Reuters

Grey Gardens

People were dreading it when it was announced there was a movie of Grey Gardens. But I thought it was good. Sad, fascinating, and a bit icky (living with racoons!).

Scary Hatcher

I want to know what Scary did to her face. So harsh! And scary.

Photo: AP

Unlikely Singing Star

You've probably seen the clip from Britain's Got Talent where Susan Boyle, a 47 year old from Scotland, comes on stage to snickers and then brings the audience to their feet. If you haven't, here it is. I can't find an embedded version.

Notice how they laugh when she says shes 47. Uh, what's that about?

At the 4:05 min. mark Simon has his head in his hands and then he gives a genuine smile. I thought this was sweet at first, but then I realized- Simon gets $ from any contract she signs.

And those people in the audience are whores. Laughing then cheering. F*ck you. The producers knew they had this plain woman with a strong voice, so I wouldn't be surprised if they put some hecklers in the audience. Wonder if Simon knew ahead of time?

Susan was on Larry King's show tonight. Both The View and Oprah's show mentioned the word "wax" when talking about Susan. Part of her charm is her looks, no?

This is allegedly Susan from a charity CD in 1999. I say allegedly because there isn't video with it, just a still image. Hard to believe someone singing this song has never been kissed, as she claims!

William Hurt (Allegedly) Lives Up to His Name

Marlee Matlin has a new book out where she claims William Hurt, her ex-boyfriend and Children of a Lesser God co-star, beat her up.

William Hurt did have this statement:

"My own recollection is that we both apologized and both did a great deal to heal our lives. Of course, I did and do apologize for any pain I caused. And I know we have both grown. I wish Marlee and her family nothing but good."

I didn't know actress Mary Beth Hurt was married to him in the 80's.


Tea Baggery!

Ah, the tea baggin' was a goin' on today. And Keith Olbermann has been dropping the innuendos. Very funny.

If ya don't know what tea bagging is, lookey here.

Apparently not one person who organized the hundreds of people who turned out to protest taxes, is in the know.

Just one question- where was the outrage from these people when a gazillion was spent in Iraq? Or when the first of these bailouts were handed out, under Bush? Ok, that's two questions.

People Love Peeps

I know some people who would eat this right off her head!

Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month

Some animals in the news.

The Obamas get their puppy Bo. The press loved it.

A puppy may have saved a Washington toddler who wandered away from his home.

Doris Day has a message for Prevention of Animal Cruelty month. You go Doris.

Don't They Know What Teabagging is Slang For?

Fox News is highly promoting the tea bag protest, repeatedly saying tea bag and tea bagging, which makes me wonder if they know what they're saying. Well, since it's Fox News chances are they don't.

Somehow the rich got the non-rich to protest taxes. Apparently rocket fuel or melamine in baby formula, lead in children's toys, or priests who prey on children are not enough to get the American people to protest. But tax the rich? We won't stand for it!

David Shuster of MSNBC had fun with it yesterday, saying they needed Dick Armey. And today Keith Olbermann was even more obvious about his jabs at the word teabagging.

And here's the description on Keith's page for the GOP teabagging:
While the anti-tax "tea parties" are officially toothless, conservative teabaggers are full-throated about their goals. They want to give President Obama a strong tongue-lashing and lick government spending; spending they did not oppose when they were under Presidents Bush and Reagan.

Let me quote one of the best Sex and the City lines. Charlotte was frustrated that her husband was setting tea bags, actual tea bags, on the table.

Charlotte: I have a tea bag situation
Samantha: I understand. Breath through your nose

But Who Will Do His Hair in Jail?


The Obamas Get a Dog

Bo, a portuguese water dog, makes his (I'm assuming it's a boy) official debut tomorrow. The dog was a gift from Ted Kennedy. The press got the scoop early. Now there's some sleuthing. Iraq war, whatever. But early scoop on the dog, now there is interest.

Captain is Rescued


Maersk-Alabama Capt. Richard Phillips (R) stands alongside Cmdr. Frank Castellano, commanding officer of USS Bainbridge after being rescued by US Naval Forces off the coast of Somalia.

Source, photo: AFP

This Makes Me So Mad

Toxic drywall.

At the height of the U.S. housing boom, when building materials were in short supply, American construction companies used millions of pounds of Chinese-made drywall because it was abundant and cheap.

Now that decision is haunting hundreds of homeowners and apartment dwellers who are concerned that the wallboard gives off fumes that can corrode copper pipes, blacken jewelry and silverware, and possibly sicken people.

The drywall apparently causes a chemical reaction that gives off a rotten-egg stench, which grows worse with heat and humidity.

Researchers do not know yet what causes the reaction, but possible culprits include fumigants sprayed on the drywall and material inside it. The Chinese drywall is also made with a coal byproduct called fly ash that is less refined than the form used by U.S. drywall makers.

Will we, as a country, punish China for their toxic drywall, pet food, baby formula? No. Why? We are in debt to them, and they can cash in at any time. The repubs need to quit wishing for Obama to fail, and we all need to rally together.

Non-Fur Wearing Whore

You may know that I call people out that wear fur. The way the animals are killed is inhumane, and besides, we don't live in Russia circa 1895. Beyonce ain't gonna freeze if she doesn't have her fur and there are plenty of alternatives.

I was glad to hear that the fur in Angelina's new movie, Salt, is fake.

Valkyrie- It's Actually Good

Once I realized this is based on a real story, I liked it even more. You know how firefighters are attractive, or guys that are nice to animals? Well how about guys that want to kill Hitler. Tres attractive.

It's not an amazing movie, like you protest it didn't get any Oscars, but it's good.

Honorary Degrees are Bunk Anyway

ASU won't give President Obama an honorary degree when he gives a speech for graduates next month. They said he, wait for it, doesn't have enough experience! ASU, which is in Arizona home to defeated John McCain, is now playing by the Republican handbook?

Interesting who they've chosen in the past:
Past recipients of ASU honorary degrees included an aloe-vera magnate, the director of "Victor Victoria," a Chinese official, a Canadian politician, and lots of donors and fundraisers.

"University spokeswoman Sharon Keeler said Tuesday that the University awards honorary degrees to recognize individuals for their work and accomplishments spanning their lifetime. ‘Because President Obama’s body of work is yet to come, it’s inappropriate to recognize him at this time,' Keeler said."

As you can imagine, ASU is trying to deal with the sh*tstorm that resulted from such idiotic comments.


Billy Bob Gets Back in the News By Acting Like an A**

Billy Bob, you can act as odd and Joaquin Phoenix as you want, I'm still not buying your record.

Around the 7 min. mark we find out he's acting like a d*ck because the interviewer (who is tres calm) referred to him as an actor. So I guess he's giving the interviewer the silent treatment? He also says "would you ask Tom Petty that?" Douche- you're no where near Tom Petty. F*ckin' Petty!!!*

He's offended by the question "who are your musical influences". I can only guess because he has none and his music is crap.

No wonder Tea Leoni took David Duchovney back! (she was rumored to be having a fling with this idiot if you can believe it)

Awkward...or totally staged.

*While waiting to go in to a Petty show, a guy in the crowd yelled F*ckin' Petty!!! So I have to say that anytime I hear Tom Petty's name.

Gay Marriage in Vermont

I thought gay marriage was already legal in Vermont, but apparently it was civil unions previously.

Vermont, which invented civil unions, on Tuesday became a pioneer again as the first state to legalize gay marriage through a legislature's vote, suggesting growing popular acceptance of the idea.

The House barely achieved the votes necessary to override Gov. Jim Douglas' veto of a bill that will allow gays and lesbians to marry beginning September 1. Four states now have same-sex marriage laws and other states soon could follow suit.

Bills to allow same-sex marriage are currently before lawmakers in New Hampshire, Maine, New York and New Jersey. The three other states that currently allow same-sex marriage — Connecticut, Massachusetts and Iowa — each moved to do so through the courts, not legislatures.

I love that Iowa has gay marriage and California doesn't. That is just funny.


This N That

Farrah Fawcett in the hospital. Earlier reported as grim, now it is reported she is having a setback of her cancer. She was such a big star back in the day, that it's odd this isn't higher on the news chain (on yahoo, it was below a story about Larry the Cable Guy).

Paul and Ringo reunite! But do they perform together...hmm...

Roger Friedman no longer a columnist for Fox News. Apparently one shouldn't illegally download the unreleased Wolverine movie and write a review about it, especially if the movie has the same parent company of the one you write for. It appears he was fired/encouraged to resign. But, he did like the movie. Imagine if he didn't.

Castaway Dog

Wonder if she found Wilson the Volleyball? "WILSON!!!"

A pet dog that fell overboard in rough seas off Australia has been reunited with its owners after surviving alone on an island for four months, reports said.

Sophie Tucker, apparently named after a late US entertainer, fell overboard as Jan Griffith and her family sailed through choppy waters off the northeast Queensland coast in November.

The dog was believed to have drowned and Griffith said the family was devastated.

But out of sight of the family, Sophie Tucker was swimming doggedly and finally made it to St Bees Island, five nautical miles away, and began the sort of life popularized by the TV reality show "Survivor."

She was returned to her family last week when Griffith contacted rangers who had captured a dog that had been living off feral goats on the largely uninhabited island, in the faint hope it might be their long-lost pet.

The story doesn't say how the owners knew to contact the island about a captured dog.

Stop Eating!

A striking new study says almost 1 in 5 American 4-year-olds is obese, and the rate is alarmingly higher among American Indian children, with nearly a third of them obese. Researchers were surprised to see differences by race at so early an age.


Survivor People Get Married

She looks slightly familiar, he doesn't at all. And I watch Survivor!

Jaime Dugan and Erik Huffman, who met on Survivor: China, married Saturday evening in Charleston, S.C., in front of 150 family and friends, including other reality cast members.

Dugan's bridesmaids were Marisa Axelrod and Brooke Jackson from last season's Amazing Race.

The pair, who grew up just 25 miles apart before meeting across the world in China, won an $80,000 dream wedding courtesy of the Charleston Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.

I don't recognize the Amazing Race bridesmaid's names, but did she have no friends until she started on a reality show?

Photo, source: People

This N That

Madonna's planned adoption of an African baby rejected by a judge. I actually can see their point in that they have rules so that people don't sweep in and take children. Considering what people do to children, this seems like a well meaning law. However, if this country is going to be so stringent on it's adoption policy, it better figure out a way to help all the orphans.

A woman divorces her husband for cleaning too much. In related news- a gazillion single women ask for his number.

13 million Americans unemployed.

ER Series Finale Tonight

I am all caught up on ER so I can watch tonight's 2 hr finale.

My guesses are- Carter opening his medical center, John Stamos and Sam will probably get back together.

Slate asked ER viewers to write in and say what they like about the show (the Slate people having not watched an ER in years, they wanted to give a tribute).

Most people agree- dropping the helicopter on Romano was not cool.

I remember bawling when Dr. Greene died listening to the Hawaiian Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I still can't listen to that song.

Farewell ER!

Know Why I Don't Care That Michelle Obama Hugged the Queen?

Because people are living in tents.

I don't give a crap what is royal protocol and what isn't. Sure, one should be polite. No one should call the Queen a whore, tell Prince Phillip to man up (he has to stand 2 feet behind the Queen at all times), or tell Camilla you always liked Diana better.

But analyzing if Michelle Obama put her hands on the Queen in the wrong way when it was a friendly hug is just too much.

Michelle Obama's meeting with Queen Elizabeth II began with a handshake and ended in a hug that had the British press buzzing.

Mrs. Obama clearly made an impression with the 82-year-old monarch — so much that the smiling queen strayed slightly from protocol and briefly wrapped her arm around the first lady in a rare public show of affection.

It was the first time Mrs. Obama — who is nearly a foot taller — had met the queen. The first lady also wrapped her arm around the monarch's shoulder and back.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman who asked not to be identified because of palace policy said he could not remember the last time the queen had displayed such public affection with a first lady or dignitary.

If you want to read the way too long article about it: Here

Footage of the First Lady talking at an English lower income school showed why she rocks: her voice held back tears as she spoke to the crowd. Now that's some compassion.

Orange You Glad to See Me

Valentino and Anne Hathaway at his induction into some style thing that I don't give a crap about. We're in a recession, no care why they're so happy!

Photo: AP

OMG Michelle Obama's Clothes!!!

Calm down news people. Sheesh.
MSNBC "Developing Story" - Michelle Obama was showing her bare arms in London.

How tall is the queen? 4ft?

They even commented on her coat. Looks just like a coat.

And it has been reported that this sweater is J Crew.

No word on where this ensemble is from.