Billy Bob Gets Back in the News By Acting Like an A**

Billy Bob, you can act as odd and Joaquin Phoenix as you want, I'm still not buying your record.

Around the 7 min. mark we find out he's acting like a d*ck because the interviewer (who is tres calm) referred to him as an actor. So I guess he's giving the interviewer the silent treatment? He also says "would you ask Tom Petty that?" Douche- you're no where near Tom Petty. F*ckin' Petty!!!*

He's offended by the question "who are your musical influences". I can only guess because he has none and his music is crap.

No wonder Tea Leoni took David Duchovney back! (she was rumored to be having a fling with this idiot if you can believe it)

Awkward...or totally staged.

*While waiting to go in to a Petty show, a guy in the crowd yelled F*ckin' Petty!!! So I have to say that anytime I hear Tom Petty's name.

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