My Opinion is Up in the Air

Well, not really. I liked it. And just because I didn't think it was amazing like some apparently do (awards and all) doesn't mean I don't think it was a good movie.

I thought I knew how it was going to end (he fires people for a living and he takes a younger colleague under his you can guess what I was thinking) although I didn't think Jason Reitman (director of Juno) would be so obvious. There were a couple things in the movie that weren't your typical way, so that was nice.

I haven't seen a lot of movies, but I would be surprised if this wins Best Pic.

The Original Cougar

Ok, Mae West might be the original cougar. Or some lady from the 1700's. But in recent Hollywood, Susan Sarandon was dating a younger guy before Madonna, before Demi Moore.

Sarandon and her Bull Durham co-star Tim Robbins started dating 23 years ago when she was 40 and he was 28. They recently announced their split.

SS has the best skin care regimen and/or plastic surgery in the business.

Photo: AP

I'll Just Say It...

RDJ looks like a hot piece in the Sherlocky ads.

Jude Law can suck it.

Blind Item

Say it isn't RDJ!
UPDATE: Defamer commenters have pointed out about ten Charlie Sheen that's the guess. Disclaimer: these could be total bullsh*t.

"This Hollywood bad boy had supposedly cleaned up his act. However, his wife has been consulting very quietly with a prominent divorce attorney, and has also been asking a lot of questions around town about their stock portfolio and bank accounts. We've heard it's because her husband's former bouts with both substance abuse and the kind of sex that requires a fat bank account have made comeback. While he is working and he still has the fat bank account, he has lost his grip on both fidelity and sobriety. His wife has had enough, and has her foot halfway out the door. Dude, you'd better get your act together before she takes you to the cleaners, because your PR people are going to have a tough time spinning you out of this one. The girl may be pretty, but – in case it hasn't dawned on you yet – she sure isn't dumb."

From Blind Gossip via Defamer

"What Are You Made Of?"

Tiger Woods billboard for Tag Heuer.
La Cienega Blvd in LA.


Picture is not of the billboard.


Rest in peace sweet guy.

Top Chef

I dig those brothers.

Not a surprise that Michael won. He's a bit of a brat, but kinda hot.

The Sex And The City 2 Poster

Go to Dlisted and look at the SATC 2 poster:
The Photoshop Awards: The Sex And The City 2 Poster

Now- is it because of the economy that fashionista Carrie Bradshaw is wearing that dress?

Run, Tiger's Wife, Run!

Oh girlfriend. After getting yourself tested. Twice. Get the heck out of there!

Who can keep up with Tiger's mistresses. And even if half of them are making it up...still is a lot.

Photo: AFP

This N That

Demi and Ashton continue their reign as the most annoying Hollywood couple.

Nicholas Cage donated $2 million to charity. The charity better cash that check quick.

The hottest one from this Nine cast photo is Judi Dench. Love her. Look at the 6th picture of Nicky smiling. When you have fillers, best to check out your smile in the mirror first.

I Knew It!

Meredith Baxter has come out of the closet. Her partner is a building contractor. Not joking.

I saw a picture of MB awhile ago and it crossed my mind that she might be gay. I don't know what made me think that. My gaydar is pretty good...maybe I need to put on a flannel shirt, those tan worker boots and sign up.

It was pretty obvs when MB let the hot piece known as David Birney get away that something was up.

World AIDS Day- Starbucks Donates 5 cents

Donating 5 cents per cup of coffee sold is almost donating nothing.

Tiger Might Be a Dog

Well, this is a surprise to no one, except those that think romantic comedies are real and that Jennifer Aniston is a great actress.

In what universe do you think a golf superstar would reject women that throw themselves at him?

The latest (which btw- top story of the local news here in LA)
-The hydrant isn't filing charges.
-US Weekly reports that a woman who was on Tool Academy is claiming that she had a long affair with Tiger. I mean, Tool Academy?
-Huffington Post has texts.

In case you don't know where this all started- a tabloid claimed Tiger had an affair with this woman, which is what some assume set off Tiger's wife (thus causing him to flee into a hydrant). Change of subject- if I got a schnozz job, it might look like her nose. Thoughts?


Obama Speech

Leave Obama alone! I'm going to make a tape like the guy did for Britney.

They guy was handed a big pile of flaming dog crap from Bush. Give the guy a frickin' break.


Nike Supports Tiger...Uh, Why Shouldn't They?

Sports players and alleged affairs/affairs/crazy-a** behavior go together like Nicole Kidman and a gallon of Botox.

So why does sponsor Nike have to release a statement that they support Tiger?

Photo: People

The Plastic Surgery Has Affected Her Fashion Sense

What the heck? This dress! Yikes. Is it possible she is wearing this as part of a dare?

Pumping up your lips is so 90's! And her nose looks even more slimmer.

Pics: People


Jerry Seinfeld's tv mom at an Italian restaurant.

Kurt and Goldie! They were at the same restaurant as us, and then also went to the movie theater afterwards. However, unlike us, it didn't appear they were going to see New Moon.

Is it Mario Van Peebles or just Mario Peebles? Also at the movie theater. Not sure what he was seeing.

Project Runblah

I think this would be called ironic considering how much Irina thought people copied her- As pointed out by commenters on the Project Runway site, Irina's hat is a copy of Season 4's Jillian Lewis.

I thought Althea's collection was a snooze and Carol Hannah had a few good pieces combined with matronly garb. Irina was the most consistent. In total it was pretty shoddy compared with past years.

Are the shades necessary Michael? I'd say it was to hide what appears to be some face work (did you see a couple weeks ago- his forehead was wrinkle-free, and Heidi looked all Botoxed-up), but he wears these every season. Whatevs.

Winner Irina. If you need a big sweater, she's your girl.

We're Still Doing This, Huh?

Listen, I like JDepp, even though someone just told me that years ago he was a pompous a**. But can't People either 1- branch out (this is Depp's second time) or 2- use a better picture? This is like saying 'Sexiest Man Alive- Your Neighbor!' Thanks for helping me with my compost, Johnny.

These silly titles are probably half manufactured by PR people, so JDepp must have a movie out.

And if Christian Bale hadn't screamed at the lighting guy maybe he'd have a chance (granted he had a movie out) although I say give it to him just for that. Because that is pure comedy.

New Show, Well Sort of

The Prisoner. AMC. Tonight.

The Prisoner was a show in the 60's that ran one season and was the creation of star Patrick McGoohan, who later became the mean king in Braveheart and who died earlier this year.

AMC has a "reimagining" of this cult-favorite with the bland Jim Caviezel as Six, and Ian McKellen as Two. (Wasn't Blossom's friend named Six?)

In the original they were called Number Six and Number Two. I think we can *snicker* figure out why they changed their names (get it- number two).

I am going to watch, although I am partial to the original.

Best Show on TV- And it's Not Mad Men

Sesame Street is 40

I know that seems old, but I would've thought it was older.

Because I was in afternoon kindergarten, I didn't watch Sesame Street, I watched Electric Company. That's right kids, there was a time when you couldn't just watch whatever you wanted. You had to read a paper schedule and plan accordingly.

They didn't have muppets, but EC had Spiderman. My mom took us to see Spiderman at Merit Mart (!) and I was too scared to meet him, but was kicking myself all the way home on my cowardness. If only I could meet Spidey now to appease my inner child!

These videos prove Sesame producers are just as high as they were in the 70's. Good to know.

Rock on Sesame Street!

Wanda Sykes Show

Did you watch? What did you think?

Photo: Reuters

How Much Do I Love Jon Stewart. Let Me Count the Ways.

I avoid Glenn Beck's poisonous personality so much that I wouldn't know it if someone was mocking him. So thanks to Mo for pointing this out!

I like the little knee lift at 4:13. My crush continues.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
The 11/3 Project
Daily Show
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This N That

I know very little about Sammy Sosa, but I know this doesn't look right.

This will make straight men drag their wife to a Broadway show.

Ellen is on the COVAAAAHHH! (in your best excited Oprah voice)


Tyrese. The bald, black model/actor. Sports bar in Hollywood. I'm more surprised that I saw myself there!

Clinton Statue

Make your hard jokes now.

I'm not sure I'd want my arm at that angle. But it's in Kosovo, so maybe he didn't get to see what it looked like ahead of time.

Photo: Reuters

This N That

Ricky Gervais will host the Golden Globes. Right on.

Andre Agassi's mullet was a hairpiece?

Craig Ferguson met Bush and the Cheneys and lived to tell about it.

How Badly Does Spade Need Money?

If I were him, I think I'd rather beg my sis-in-law Kate Spade for some cash before I would do this. No, it's not porn. It's the Tommy Boy Directv commercial.

When I first saw it I was appalled. Now I don't know what I think. It is good to see Chris Farley again, and Tommy Boy is hilarious, but I'm not sure I'm for it. Not that they've asked.

I've heard Directv did commercials for Poltergeist as well, starring the deceased girl from that movie. I haven't seen that one. I've seen Naomi Watts in the King Kong one and that's when I figured it must pay really well. I have Directv, and after the horrible customer service I received recently, I now know where all there money is going.

You Go on Amazing Race and You're Afraid of Water Slides?

Mika is afraid of water slides. And I'm afraid of what that was on her back. It looks like a worm in an alien movie, under her skin. Or that birthcontrol they gave women too dumb to remember to take a pill daily.

So Mika's boyfriend tried to force her down the slide. But then he got mad at the Harlem Globetrotter who was telling her not to go down the slide (if she didn't go down, the HG's could have their turn and be ahead of Mika and her bf). When Mika didn't go down the slide, her bf told one of the HG's that he was a piece of crap.

Ok- you forcibly try and get your girlfriend to go down a slide for a million dollars. How is that any different than the HG telling her not to go down? He wants the million, too.

Clip from YouTube via Dlisted

Rahner Goes to Forks, WA

Forks is where the Twilight books take place, but the movie wasn't filmed there.

I don't want to take too much credit, but the towel suggestion was all me.

U2 Live Webcast Tonight

I have been trying to ignore the fact that Bono is in town and I will not be seeing him. The Rose Bowl concert is sold-out, and even if it wasn't, from what I've heard- it's a huge place to see a concert (that means: maybe I'm too old to be dealing with all that nonsense). Still- Bono.

I just happened to stumble upon this fact: U2. YouTube. Live. Tonight.

WooHoo! I don't have to stand in line to pee, wait in traffic, have weird people rubbing past me. I can pee and still watch the show. That is the beauty of laptops.

Chin Sighting

Saw Jay Leno, doing Jay Walking (I'm assuming). I was driving by and that chin looked big. Must be huge in person.

Rick on Oprah

You know I love Rick Springfield, so it pains me to comment on what I think is a bad eye job and some botox. Having seen him up close at the cruise last year, the guy does have some puffy eyes. But I thought that was from all the wine he was drinking.

I couldn't find any photos of him on Opie's website (wonder what that's all about), but this appears to be a video they did with him backstage.

Still looks good (he's 60), don't get me wrong. But something looks different.

Lily Tomlin and Martin Short on Damages

Damages is the show that is shot in a blue tint and has a menacing Glenn Close. It's good. Martin Short and Lily Tomlin will be on it next season as as really rich person and her lawyer.

I love Martin Short. He's a grown man who is a big goof. And Lily was in 9 to 5 and The Incredibly Shrinking Woman, great 80's movies, so she's cool too.

Nathan Thurm and RFK Jr.

Jiminy Glick interviews Anderson Cooper. Coop's laugh makes me laugh.

But What About the Bibi Babka?

That's a little Perfect Strangers reference for ya.

Bronson Pinchot, who was on PS, is dishing some dirt.

About Tom Cruise:

We thought Tom [Cruise] was the biggest bore on the face of the Earth... He was tense and made constant, constant unrelated homophobic comments, like, "You want some ice cream, in case there are no gay people there?" I mean, his lingo was larded with the most... There was no basis for it. It was like, "It's a nice day, I'm glad there are no gay people standing here." Very, very strange.

Well, to be fair. Tom was probably, what, 25? Although I heard Tom was a d*ck on A Few Good Men.


Denzel Washington was behind the incredibly cowardly bullshit of "This is my character, not me." He was really abusive to me and everybody on that movie, and his official explanation was that his character didn't like me, but it was a dreadful experience. I spent my salary on time with my shrink just for helping me get through it... The script supervisor on that movie said it's like watching somebody kick a puppy. He was so vile.

I can see this. He seems hardcore.


Bette Midler was such a bitch to (director of First Wives Club). While he was directing, she would be rolling her eyes, pantomiming with her favorite actors, and she made it very difficult. And he was at his wit's end. He was actually a very nice man, but she was very unkind to him on that movie.

In what universe does Bette Midler not seem like a b*tch?

There's more, including Tom Hanks is a nice guy (not what I heard from an extra on Sleepless in Seattle, but we all have our cranky days): here. Are you like me and you're thinking- Bronson Pinchot worked with all these people?!

Source: AV Club, via Dlisted, via Huffington Post
A lot of vias

American Culture is Messed Up

I picture starving Africans thinking "Americans pretend their son is trapped in a flying saucer so they can have a tv show?" as they're kicking around a homemade soccer ball that can't even roll properly because it's a a bunch of rocks tied inside some fabric.

In England, at least whomever is making those designs in the field doesn't get caught. Why? They don't overplay their hand.

Balloon Boy (or as Bill Maher calls him Attic Boy) was just a pawn in his parents stunt, or so say sheriffs, who could be filing charges against one or both of the parents.

This whole thing is a reflection on America.

While it is good that Americans aren't so stupid that their kid could be flying away in a Jiffy Pop contraption, how pathetic are Americans that they would try and get attention this way?

Allegedly the parents were trying to sell a reality show. Oy.

Some giveaways that it was fake
-Well besides the fact that the kid said on a tv interview the next day "you said it was for a show"
-And besides the cheesy home video of the parents acting upset as the balloon was going up
-There was that 911 tape. Dad isn't that good of an actor
-And I think the dad called the local tv news right after he called 911

The sad thing is- they'll probably get a reality show.

Waist Not Want Not

Someone at Ralph Lauren got a little crazy with the photoshopping. The photo on the left is a print ad, the photo on the right is the same model in 2006.

This photoshop job is probably like when I do my eyebrows. You try and even each brow out and before you know it, you're Marlene Dietrich.

So, even if someone did photoshop after a pitcher of Flirtinis and a pack of NoDoz, someone still approved the ad and sent it to press. Too many Lime Rickeys, perhaps.

The model, Filippa Hamilton, says she didn't get her contract renewed because she was too large. Lauren's company says there were contract disputes.

Wonder if the photoshopper or ad person kept their job?

Photo: AP

Babs Liked the Wicker

I stopped by Barbra Streisand's auction preview today at the Bev Hills Hilton. Babs is auctioning off some belongings and donating the proceeds to charity. The preview ended today, and the auction starts tomorrow.

She had a lot of stuff, and I don't think all of it was on display, unless they were in another room. I didn't see the bathrobe from The Way We Were. If I had the dough I would buy that and wear it all day long. Did Hubbell touch the bathrobe? That's probably why it wasn't on display. Women would knock it off the model and roll around on the floor trying to get a scent of Hubbell (thats Robert Redford don't cha know).

I heard someone at the preview comment about all the wicker, saying she must've been in a wicker phase to which I said "she had a lot of phases". Because really, there was stuff from all over the place.

They responded that she didn't have a modern phase. "She's keeping that stuff" I told them. Of course the gold lame suit is going up for auction. The nice stuff she'll keep.

Twice I heard men (with women, I'm assuming are the wives that dragged them there) say: "Not really my style..."

Or really. A guy went to a Barbra Streisand auction preview and it wasn't his style. Huh.

Hopefully she is done with the fur phase.

The coolest was when I saw Babs' miniature wicker chairs, table and loveseat. We had the same thing! We used them for Barbie, but they might've been meant for dolls (since that seems more likely what Babs used them for). Babs and I have something in common. Well besides the schnozz.

Hey Balloon Boy- I Want an Hour Back

I was watching tv, concerned for the boy inside a balloon flying through the sky.

When the balloon hit the ground, I was nervous they would find the boy dead inside. The balloon couldn't have landed in a better spot, but I thought maybe a lack of oxygen would've hurt the boy.

Well, there wasn't a boy in the saucer balloon. He was hiding at home because he was afraid he would get in trouble when the balloon took off.

Glad the kid is ok. And yes, that's my problem that I didn't want to leave the tv because I wanted to see what happened. But sheesh.

I'm Just Going to State the Obvious

The White House has authorized more troops to Afghanistan and this seems odd to some since Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. So let me say what seems really obvious-

He must know something we don't.

Back in the 80's my Dad was storing cans of wheat, and other stuff- don't remember what else, just the wheat because it seemed weird to me. If you lose your power, what are you going to do with wheat? You can't just eat it. You'd have to bake it somehow. We teased Pops about those cans of wheat. It wasn't even Wheat Hearts or Cream of Wheat (which was fine with me because yuck and yuck). It was just wheat.

Well, when I was older Pops explained that things were tense for awhile, during the Cold War, and I guess us dumb kids were oblivious to it running around playing tetherball. And the older people were going to keggers and trying to make a bunker in their house.

So this long drawn out story is to say this- would my Dad get cans of wheat just for the heck of it? No. No he wouldn't.

So go play tetherball and let the grownups decide what to do. Because while Bush wasn't a grown up, Obama certainly is.

And I Have Showtime!

The AP says this photo was taken Wednesday from Rick's home in Malibu. Mere minutes...depends on traffic...from my house. Not that I know specifically where he lives. Which surprises you, I'm sure.

I thought it was an introductory special that I had Showtime. You know how the pay channels will give you a weekend of free movies and then take it away- hoping you'll sign up. But I still have it, so it must be part of my package. Which leads me to...

Rick Springfield is showing his rear on Showtime's Californication!

"It's not full-frontal, but it's pretty much full on," the 60-year-old musician-actor says. "As long as it's for the part, I'm cool with it. And it's funny. It's not done to be particularly sexy."

Springfield will appear on four episodes, and he sheds his clothes by the end of the season. His first episode airs Sunday. He plays a washed-up movie star who wants to rebuild his career.

He says his character, also named Rick Springfield, is a "very twisted, warped version" of himself.

Sniff...sniff...I won't be there:
Springfield will also perform and party with fans on a cruise to Mexico next month.

"I never used to be fan-friendly," he said. "Back in the '80s, I thought it was all about me, mistakenly. Now I realize it's actually all about them."

Words from someone who needs his old fans!

Photo, source: AP

Obama Gets Nobel Peace Prize

If you find yourself saying "what has Obama done to deserve this prize?" or "Gandhi never got a Nobel Peace Prize"- stop. Just stop yourself before you utter another word.

If you just don't like Obama, then you're being a Bitter Betty like Michael Steele. Like some congressman said "If Obama was having a BLT they'd (repubs) ban bacon". If that's not your issue, read on.

First of all- the Nobel Peace Prize people can give their award to whomever they want.

Second- As the award committee explained, it is for people that show the promise and intent of peace.

Rachel Maddow discusses other recipients and what they accomplished before their award.

Notice Rush says he agrees with the Taliban that Obama didn't deserve it. Interesting.

Third- Henry Kissinger has a Peace Prize!!! I mean c'mon. If you don't know why H.Kiss is not peaceful, read up on him. Not Mr. Peace.

I'm surprised non-peaceful people like Rush and Beck give a crap. Why should they care? That would be like me caring that Rush gets the Douche of the year prize.

Health Care Debating is So Last Summer

But we continue with it since zilch has been done to insure Americans. The MSNBC host, and Rep. Weiner sit across from looney lady (I think she started the death panel rumors) and her plan to delay your Medicare past 65! That seems to be going backwards, no?

Keith Olbermann will have an hour long special on healthcare on Wednesday.


Debra Messing at a park, looked like she was smiling at her son after he played an intramural game.

I'd say it was my biggest celeb sighting yet, but I saw Tommy Lee- and I've seen his sex tape so I'd say he's the biggest. *ba-dum dum*

Pearl Jam- I Didn't Know the Songs But it Still Was Fun

Saw Pearl Jam at the Gibson Theater at Universal last night. They didn't play nearly enough old songs, and when they did there were a few grumbles from Eddie. Before playing "Jeremy", Eddie moaned about how singing that song made him just about collapse (hey, I'm with ya, play another old song- like anything else from Ten). Before playing "Once", Eddie said "we've played this just a few times" clearly a sarcastic remark.

But that was it for complaining. Eddie seemed in a good, if wine-inspired, mood. Stone had on mom jeans and looked bored, Jeff Ament was his usual, Mike McCready looked less bloated, and the drummer has to be happy to not be in Soundgarden anymore.

While they played that new song from their Target commercial (I thought they were anti-corporations?), I did shout out "leggings are $6". Because, they are. Go get yourself a pair.

The set list is here. They did a cover of The Police's Driven to Tears and a little bit of English Beat's Save it For Later that I didn't notice, but how very 80's of them.

I'll try not to be bitter that the night before got Why Go, Animal, Even Flow, Porch, Black (!), State of Love and Trust (!!) and Rockin' in the Free World (!!!).

E spotted Chad Lowe in the parking lot and said she see him everywhere. (At yoga we saw the guy that played Claire's bf on Six Feet Under, but that wasn't worthy of it's own post so I'm putting it right here. No, not the one she ends up with, the tall one.).

Let's face it- Eddie in all his dumping his wife for a 20-something year old, selling out to Target glory is still swoon worthy.

Somewhere, Some Exes Are Laughing

Chris Evert and Greg Norman couldn't wait to leave their spouses and get married in 2008.

Well, now they're splitting up. That's all I got on that.

Photo, source: People

Padma Pregnant

After the Emmys I forgot to get snarky about Padma's dress.

And now that it has been announced that she is pregnant and has endometriosis, it just won't be nice to comment on what that red thing looks like. Ok, it looks like a scene from Braveheart.

No word on which chef, I mean, who the father is. But I don't really care.

Dave and Stephanie?

If you've watched David Letterman's show in the past you know Stephanie, his assistant who would do various things outside the studio, and I think she went to the Olympics one year.

It is now alleged that she and Letterman had a fling. I don't know if it's called an affair if neither is married (Letterman only recently married his girlfriend). Stephanie was recently allegedly living with the guy being charged with extorting Letterman (he had her diary and tried to use that to get $2 million out of Letterman).

If you don't know anything about what I'm talking about, read here.

While I'm a little surprised he was with Stephanie (they seemed to have a buddy rapport on-air), I'm not surprised he has been involved with people at work. His wife used to work for him. His ex-girlfriend Merrill Markoe was a very influential person on his staff. From what I've seen so far- who cares.

Welcome to the Party, Pal

I use this heading, a nod to Die Hard, whenever someone is just waking up to reality.

Rick Sanchez from CNN has uncovered something amazing- politicians who get huge donations support bills that help those donors. I think I knew this in third grade.

Sanchez is like the family member who just discovered the iPod and tells everyone about it at Thanksgiving.

Rick has slightly dreamy eyes for Weiner.

Political Question

Who does Max Baucus think is going to re-elect him? What point is having the health insurance campaign money if everyone in your state thinks you're shady? Oh, and why is he a democrat?

If you don't know who he is or what I'm talking about then just ignore.

Jackman and Craig Address Ringing Phone

People are pooping their pants that Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig broke the 4th wall -they acknowledged the audience during live theater- as a cell phone was going off in the audience.

Well I'm pooping my pants that Jackman and Craig are in a play together. Who cares about the 4th wall. They are in a play. Together. And Hugh isn't singing and prancing around. Me needs to gets to NY.

I don't know why the embed code has this so far down the page:

Ben Lee and Ione Skye Are Married?

Ok, I barely know who Ben Lee is (dated Claire Danes pre-Billy Crudup?) and Ione Skye hasn't been relevant since Say Anything, but still I didn't know they were married.

The newlyweds – who tied the knot in a Hindu wedding ceremony in India last December – welcomed daughter Goldie Priya Lee Thursday at 8 a.m., the new father reveals on his Web site.

I think Goldie is a cute name. Sure, unoriginal Golden Retriever owners name their dogs Goldie, so what do I know? I'd name a baby Shecky just for the laughs.

And She Has A CD Coming Out

Chynna Phillips was on Oprah today talking about half-sister Mackenzie's claim about their dad (they have different mothers).

Chynna insisted on telling her side of the story with Mackenzie not around, then after a commercial break they brought Mackenzie back out (via satellite). She didn't have much to say except that she believes the story. She didn't grow up around her dad and hardly ever saw him.

Oprah said they received an email from the daughter of the other Papa, Denny Doherty, confirming the story saying her dad had told her about it.

So after Chynna's appearance, Oprah tells us about her new christian music CD. Let's hope she does care about her sister and that it wasn't all about her new CD.

A Little Heavy Handed

But it gets the point across.

Patrick Duffy and a Crab

Apparently I am late in hearing about Patrick Duffy and a Crab.

If I didn't know Duffy was a Budhist, I would swear he was a big time stoner. Although, maybe those two aren't mutually exclusive?

It's just so weird.

Patrick needs to adjust his pants!

I Wondered Why She Was on Oprah

I saw that Mackenzie Phillips was going to be on Oprah, and I thought that didn't seem high profile enough for Opie. But now it makes sense:

But in a tell-all book out Wednesday, the former childhood actress reveals that her dad, musician John Phillips of the '60s band the Mamas and the Papas, engaged with her in a long-term incestuous relationship.

Now that will get you on Oprah.

Photo, Source: People

Dancing With Annoyance

I couldn't watch Dancing With the Stars. But I did see a pic of Ashley Hamilton and does he look haggard. Ashley is the son of perma-tan George Hamilton and Alana Stewart.

I would guess he's in his early 30's, since he was younger than Shannen what's her face, and Angie Everhart, both whom he married (or so I think and I'm not looking it up) and they would be in their late 30's. Anyways, he looks older than he is probably from overtanning, or being married to Shannen what's her face.

Emmys- What The?

The Family Guy short where the boy was beating up the dog was horrible. I think it might've been a spoof of something? If it wasn't- then what could they be thinking?

A Defamer commenter explains it:

They didn't plan it for the ceremony, the emmy people just asked them if they could use it. The Family Guy folks put out a few of those clips online the Stewie attacks on Brian when he said he'd vote for another show. Fans understood the clips referenced a classic Family Guy scene from an episode where Stewie turns into a loan shark. The emmys would have been better off not using it, though, since who aren't fans wouldn't get the reference and could be put off by the violence.

I guess they wanted a way to bring some Family Guy into the show since there had been excitement and press around the nomination and it was clear the show would never win.

Beating up a dog. That's some comedy for you. In the old cartoons when they drop anvils on heads they don't drag it out like that. If Seth McFarland, is trying to take that to the nth degree, then let it be for the show and not an Emmy telecast. That was in poor taste.

And I emailed the Emmys to let them know what I thought. That's right. I have that kind of time.

Emmy Winners

Best Drama- Mad Men

Best Comedy- 30 Rock
Uh, yeah

Best Actor, Drama- Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Never seen it. He was the surprise winner last year. He's the new Tony Shaloub.

Best Actress, Drama- Glenn Close, Damages
She's good in everything, isn't she?

Best Supporting Actress, Drama- Cherry Jones, 24
She's great in 24. I also remember her from M. Night movies.

Best Supporting Actor, Drama- Michael Emerson, Lost
This reminded me of how confused I am going to be when Lost comes back on.

Best Variety- The Daily Show
Especially with the election, they were probably the best comedy show as well

Best Miniseries- Little Dorrit
Don't you mean Lil' Dorrit?

Best TV Movie- Grey Gardens
We all poopooed it when it was announced in pre-production, but it turns out it was a nice homage.

Best Actress miniseries/movie- Jessica Lange, Grey Gardens
That wasn't Sam Shepherd she was kissing when she won.

Best Actor miniseries/movie- Brendan Gleeson, Into the Storm
I kept meaning to watch this Winston Churchill movie.

Best Reality Show- The Amazing Race
Has won every year it's been nominated.

Best Host- Jeff Probst, Survivor
I liked his well rehearsed speech.

Best Comedy Actor- Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock
Like Glenn Close, he's just a good actor no matter where. And they give him great material. When he won, he said he would trade his award to "look like him" (pointing to presenter Rob Lowe). You just have to lose a few pounds Alec! Go see Hunt for Red October. Not too shabby.

Best Comedy Actress- Toni Collette, United States of Tara
People thought this was an upset that Tina Fey didn't win (she did win guest appearance for SNL). I don't think Tina Fey is that amazing of an actress. She's good, and the shows funny. But there's plenty of room for other winners.

Best Supporting Actor, Comedy- Jon Cryer, Two and a Half Men
I've never seen it, but I have to say- the preview they were showing during the Emmys for the show was not funny. At all.

Best Supporting Actress, Comedy- Kristin Chenowith, Pushing Daisies
She was crying, but it didn't look like there were any tears.

Emmys Dresses

I didn't post anything last night because the fancy internets shows who wins before the west coast knows it (so if I go to get pics from the red carpet, it will say who won other awards), and since the show was so slow I thought I should at least be surprised who wins.

Host Neil Patrick Harris did good, and was such an improvement of the reality hosts from last year.

The show was divided up in five segments- comedy, reality, variety, mini-series/movies, drama. This made the show seem even slower. By the time they got to variety you're thinking "still two more segments?"

Loved when they cut to Sarah Silverman and she had a moustache.

Now let's talk dresses.
Love this art deco looking dress on Mad Men's January Jones. Not only did the MM women where retro dresses, that seemed to be the style for a lot of women.

Love this dress. Julia Louis-Dreyfus always looks so anxious to win. You were on the best comedy tv show evah. What do you need more awards for?

Don't know what I think of the dress, but Marcia Gay Harden gets vavavavoom points.

Now that Toni Collette has won an Emmy (she won best actress in a comedy), hopefully she'll get a better selection of dresses.

Bernie got her money, so can't Kyra Sedgwick get a designer to give her a good dress?

Sarah McLaughlin wearing Chicos.

We saw this dress recently on someone...Penny Cruz? Drew was actually nominated for an acting award, for the Grey Gardens movie. She surprisingly did good in it.

I'm worried about tooting in yoga class...wonder if she worries about her water breaking on the red carpet? Which actually, she might hoped happens. That would be top story.

Hey, she's a soap actress. She has to do what she can to get noticed.

Kathy Griffin must be peeing her pants (that's Jon Hamm from Mad Men and his gf)