Hey Balloon Boy- I Want an Hour Back

I was watching tv, concerned for the boy inside a balloon flying through the sky.

When the balloon hit the ground, I was nervous they would find the boy dead inside. The balloon couldn't have landed in a better spot, but I thought maybe a lack of oxygen would've hurt the boy.

Well, there wasn't a boy in the saucer balloon. He was hiding at home because he was afraid he would get in trouble when the balloon took off.

Glad the kid is ok. And yes, that's my problem that I didn't want to leave the tv because I wanted to see what happened. But sheesh.

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Anonymous said...

Mo thinks you deserve to lose the hour if you were watching on CorpMedia. What beats reality tv, real reality tv. Mo wouldnt be caught dead watching reality tv. Well maybe Survivor or Amazing Race. Maybe the Big Loser, jk.