Babs Liked the Wicker

I stopped by Barbra Streisand's auction preview today at the Bev Hills Hilton. Babs is auctioning off some belongings and donating the proceeds to charity. The preview ended today, and the auction starts tomorrow.

She had a lot of stuff, and I don't think all of it was on display, unless they were in another room. I didn't see the bathrobe from The Way We Were. If I had the dough I would buy that and wear it all day long. Did Hubbell touch the bathrobe? That's probably why it wasn't on display. Women would knock it off the model and roll around on the floor trying to get a scent of Hubbell (thats Robert Redford don't cha know).

I heard someone at the preview comment about all the wicker, saying she must've been in a wicker phase to which I said "she had a lot of phases". Because really, there was stuff from all over the place.

They responded that she didn't have a modern phase. "She's keeping that stuff" I told them. Of course the gold lame suit is going up for auction. The nice stuff she'll keep.

Twice I heard men (with women, I'm assuming are the wives that dragged them there) say: "Not really my style..."

Or really. A guy went to a Barbra Streisand auction preview and it wasn't his style. Huh.

Hopefully she is done with the fur phase.

The coolest was when I saw Babs' miniature wicker chairs, table and loveseat. We had the same thing! We used them for Barbie, but they might've been meant for dolls (since that seems more likely what Babs used them for). Babs and I have something in common. Well besides the schnozz.

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Anonymous said...

Mo wouldnt at all be surprised if guys went to the auction and loved her selections.