Pearl Jam- I Didn't Know the Songs But it Still Was Fun

Saw Pearl Jam at the Gibson Theater at Universal last night. They didn't play nearly enough old songs, and when they did there were a few grumbles from Eddie. Before playing "Jeremy", Eddie moaned about how singing that song made him just about collapse (hey, I'm with ya, play another old song- like anything else from Ten). Before playing "Once", Eddie said "we've played this just a few times" clearly a sarcastic remark.

But that was it for complaining. Eddie seemed in a good, if wine-inspired, mood. Stone had on mom jeans and looked bored, Jeff Ament was his usual, Mike McCready looked less bloated, and the drummer has to be happy to not be in Soundgarden anymore.

While they played that new song from their Target commercial (I thought they were anti-corporations?), I did shout out "leggings are $6". Because, they are. Go get yourself a pair.

The set list is here. They did a cover of The Police's Driven to Tears and a little bit of English Beat's Save it For Later that I didn't notice, but how very 80's of them.

I'll try not to be bitter that the night before got Why Go, Animal, Even Flow, Porch, Black (!), State of Love and Trust (!!) and Rockin' in the Free World (!!!).

E spotted Chad Lowe in the parking lot and said she see him everywhere. (At yoga we saw the guy that played Claire's bf on Six Feet Under, but that wasn't worthy of it's own post so I'm putting it right here. No, not the one she ends up with, the tall one.).

Let's face it- Eddie in all his dumping his wife for a 20-something year old, selling out to Target glory is still swoon worthy.

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