You Go on Amazing Race and You're Afraid of Water Slides?

Mika is afraid of water slides. And I'm afraid of what that was on her back. It looks like a worm in an alien movie, under her skin. Or that birthcontrol they gave women too dumb to remember to take a pill daily.

So Mika's boyfriend tried to force her down the slide. But then he got mad at the Harlem Globetrotter who was telling her not to go down the slide (if she didn't go down, the HG's could have their turn and be ahead of Mika and her bf). When Mika didn't go down the slide, her bf told one of the HG's that he was a piece of crap.

Ok- you forcibly try and get your girlfriend to go down a slide for a million dollars. How is that any different than the HG telling her not to go down? He wants the million, too.

Clip from YouTube via Dlisted

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Anonymous said...

Silly thing. The weird thing on her back was the inflation nozzle. You can buy a blowup-Mika on Al Gore's internets for 14 payments of $19.95.
The Pam Anderson model is more popular.