But What About the Bibi Babka?

That's a little Perfect Strangers reference for ya.

Bronson Pinchot, who was on PS, is dishing some dirt.

About Tom Cruise:

We thought Tom [Cruise] was the biggest bore on the face of the Earth... He was tense and made constant, constant unrelated homophobic comments, like, "You want some ice cream, in case there are no gay people there?" I mean, his lingo was larded with the most... There was no basis for it. It was like, "It's a nice day, I'm glad there are no gay people standing here." Very, very strange.

Well, to be fair. Tom was probably, what, 25? Although I heard Tom was a d*ck on A Few Good Men.


Denzel Washington was behind the incredibly cowardly bullshit of "This is my character, not me." He was really abusive to me and everybody on that movie, and his official explanation was that his character didn't like me, but it was a dreadful experience. I spent my salary on time with my shrink just for helping me get through it... The script supervisor on that movie said it's like watching somebody kick a puppy. He was so vile.

I can see this. He seems hardcore.


Bette Midler was such a bitch to (director of First Wives Club). While he was directing, she would be rolling her eyes, pantomiming with her favorite actors, and she made it very difficult. And he was at his wit's end. He was actually a very nice man, but she was very unkind to him on that movie.

In what universe does Bette Midler not seem like a b*tch?

There's more, including Tom Hanks is a nice guy (not what I heard from an extra on Sleepless in Seattle, but we all have our cranky days): here. Are you like me and you're thinking- Bronson Pinchot worked with all these people?!

Source: AV Club, via Dlisted, via Huffington Post
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