Obama Gets Nobel Peace Prize

If you find yourself saying "what has Obama done to deserve this prize?" or "Gandhi never got a Nobel Peace Prize"- stop. Just stop yourself before you utter another word.

If you just don't like Obama, then you're being a Bitter Betty like Michael Steele. Like some congressman said "If Obama was having a BLT they'd (repubs) ban bacon". If that's not your issue, read on.

First of all- the Nobel Peace Prize people can give their award to whomever they want.

Second- As the award committee explained, it is for people that show the promise and intent of peace.

Rachel Maddow discusses other recipients and what they accomplished before their award.

Notice Rush says he agrees with the Taliban that Obama didn't deserve it. Interesting.

Third- Henry Kissinger has a Peace Prize!!! I mean c'mon. If you don't know why H.Kiss is not peaceful, read up on him. Not Mr. Peace.

I'm surprised non-peaceful people like Rush and Beck give a crap. Why should they care? That would be like me caring that Rush gets the Douche of the year prize.

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Anonymous said...

Mo loves your comments on this.

Here are Mo's observations.

First the world is sooo happy to get rid of bush* they would give anything.

B. Disappointed that you didn't give credit for the BLT comment to Rep Alan Grayson the new progressive hero.

4. Mo also doesnt understand the consternation of the right wingnuts over the peace prize. I mean if it were the "War Prize" and Obama wins in lieu of bush*, then I could understand. But it's the peace prize.