I'm Just Going to State the Obvious

The White House has authorized more troops to Afghanistan and this seems odd to some since Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. So let me say what seems really obvious-

He must know something we don't.

Back in the 80's my Dad was storing cans of wheat, and other stuff- don't remember what else, just the wheat because it seemed weird to me. If you lose your power, what are you going to do with wheat? You can't just eat it. You'd have to bake it somehow. We teased Pops about those cans of wheat. It wasn't even Wheat Hearts or Cream of Wheat (which was fine with me because yuck and yuck). It was just wheat.

Well, when I was older Pops explained that things were tense for awhile, during the Cold War, and I guess us dumb kids were oblivious to it running around playing tetherball. And the older people were going to keggers and trying to make a bunker in their house.

So this long drawn out story is to say this- would my Dad get cans of wheat just for the heck of it? No. No he wouldn't.

So go play tetherball and let the grownups decide what to do. Because while Bush wasn't a grown up, Obama certainly is.


Anonymous said...

Wheat, rice, wheat cereal, almonds, peanuts, blackeyed peas and soybeans.

Wheat can be ground into flour easily with a hand grinder. The rest can either be eaten raw or cooked.

Two cases of Twinkies, still good to this day.

Anonymous said...

Mo appreciates your father's foresightedness, but would have added a case of Skyy and two 20 oz bottles of Manzanilla garlic stuffed olives.