Waist Not Want Not

Someone at Ralph Lauren got a little crazy with the photoshopping. The photo on the left is a print ad, the photo on the right is the same model in 2006.

This photoshop job is probably like when I do my eyebrows. You try and even each brow out and before you know it, you're Marlene Dietrich.

So, even if someone did photoshop after a pitcher of Flirtinis and a pack of NoDoz, someone still approved the ad and sent it to press. Too many Lime Rickeys, perhaps.

The model, Filippa Hamilton, says she didn't get her contract renewed because she was too large. Lauren's company says there were contract disputes.

Wonder if the photoshopper or ad person kept their job?

Photo: AP

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pomme said...

this person kept his job because Lauren hates normal/"faties",he said the model was fat