How Badly Does Spade Need Money?

If I were him, I think I'd rather beg my sis-in-law Kate Spade for some cash before I would do this. No, it's not porn. It's the Tommy Boy Directv commercial.

When I first saw it I was appalled. Now I don't know what I think. It is good to see Chris Farley again, and Tommy Boy is hilarious, but I'm not sure I'm for it. Not that they've asked.

I've heard Directv did commercials for Poltergeist as well, starring the deceased girl from that movie. I haven't seen that one. I've seen Naomi Watts in the King Kong one and that's when I figured it must pay really well. I have Directv, and after the horrible customer service I received recently, I now know where all there money is going.

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