Dave and Stephanie?

If you've watched David Letterman's show in the past you know Stephanie, his assistant who would do various things outside the studio, and I think she went to the Olympics one year.

It is now alleged that she and Letterman had a fling. I don't know if it's called an affair if neither is married (Letterman only recently married his girlfriend). Stephanie was recently allegedly living with the guy being charged with extorting Letterman (he had her diary and tried to use that to get $2 million out of Letterman).

If you don't know anything about what I'm talking about, read here.

While I'm a little surprised he was with Stephanie (they seemed to have a buddy rapport on-air), I'm not surprised he has been involved with people at work. His wife used to work for him. His ex-girlfriend Merrill Markoe was a very influential person on his staff. From what I've seen so far- who cares.

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