American Culture is Messed Up

I picture starving Africans thinking "Americans pretend their son is trapped in a flying saucer so they can have a tv show?" as they're kicking around a homemade soccer ball that can't even roll properly because it's a a bunch of rocks tied inside some fabric.

In England, at least whomever is making those designs in the field doesn't get caught. Why? They don't overplay their hand.

Balloon Boy (or as Bill Maher calls him Attic Boy) was just a pawn in his parents stunt, or so say sheriffs, who could be filing charges against one or both of the parents.

This whole thing is a reflection on America.

While it is good that Americans aren't so stupid that their kid could be flying away in a Jiffy Pop contraption, how pathetic are Americans that they would try and get attention this way?

Allegedly the parents were trying to sell a reality show. Oy.

Some giveaways that it was fake
-Well besides the fact that the kid said on a tv interview the next day "you said it was for a show"
-And besides the cheesy home video of the parents acting upset as the balloon was going up
-There was that 911 tape. Dad isn't that good of an actor
-And I think the dad called the local tv news right after he called 911

The sad thing is- they'll probably get a reality show.

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