And I Have Showtime!

The AP says this photo was taken Wednesday from Rick's home in Malibu. Mere minutes...depends on traffic...from my house. Not that I know specifically where he lives. Which surprises you, I'm sure.

I thought it was an introductory special that I had Showtime. You know how the pay channels will give you a weekend of free movies and then take it away- hoping you'll sign up. But I still have it, so it must be part of my package. Which leads me to...

Rick Springfield is showing his rear on Showtime's Californication!

"It's not full-frontal, but it's pretty much full on," the 60-year-old musician-actor says. "As long as it's for the part, I'm cool with it. And it's funny. It's not done to be particularly sexy."

Springfield will appear on four episodes, and he sheds his clothes by the end of the season. His first episode airs Sunday. He plays a washed-up movie star who wants to rebuild his career.

He says his character, also named Rick Springfield, is a "very twisted, warped version" of himself.

Sniff...sniff...I won't be there:
Springfield will also perform and party with fans on a cruise to Mexico next month.

"I never used to be fan-friendly," he said. "Back in the '80s, I thought it was all about me, mistakenly. Now I realize it's actually all about them."

Words from someone who needs his old fans!

Photo, source: AP

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