Mamma Mia is Right!

Pierce Brosnan and his wife at the premiere of Mamma Mia.

Photo: Reuters

This N That

A model throws herself out her 9th story window.

Have ya been wondering what Ruben Studdard is up to?

Steven Tyler admits to why he really went to rehab.

This N That

Madonna's brother writes a book about her.

Chris Evert and Greg Norman waste no time and get married.

Why we shouldn't euthanize shelter animals in the first place.

Tonight NBC reruns the SNL premiere, with George Carlin as host.

Uma Engaged To Really Rich Guy

When Elle MacPherson split from Swiss financier Arpad "Arki" Busson a few years ago, she said that he was strict catholic and didn't like that she was divorced. Nevermind that Elle and Arki had two children out of wedlock. I suppose that was just an excuse and not really the truth (either he lied to her or he believed it at the time...or she just told that to the press, don't blame her since it's none of our business).

So Elle may or may not be surprised that Arki is engaged to twice-divorce Uma Thurman.

I like that a super rich guy like him is with an age appropriate woman. I think that's a European thing.


Nelson Mandela is 90

Lots of celebs on hand to celebrate Mandela's birthday. Yes, Opie was there.
4664 is the name of his charity, in reference to his jail number.

Pictures from the dinner party in Hyde Park, London and the concert:

Forrest and wife


Will and Jada

Kim Cattrall?

Denzel and wife.

Robert DeNiro and wife, who I am pretty sure he was divorced from at one time...or something.

Annie Lennox looks fab.

Turn on your heartlight Neil.

Uma and uber rich fiance.

Madonna Divorce Rumors

One of the reasons I have less content than other gossip blogs is because so much of the other blog posts are based on rumors, a lot of which turn out not to be true so the post was useless. Another reason is that I don't have a high douche tolerance. Most people annoy me too much to post about them.

Anyways, I am posting about the Madonna divorce rumor just because. Why not. It's Friday. Also because I don't find this hard to believe.

When Piers Morgan was on Howard Stern's show recently, he said Guy Ritchie used to bring him his beers. I'm sure Madonna liked controlling him at first, but she probably wants to be with someone more prestigious, not a former bartender (and while a director, he has directed what- one good movie? maybe two). Also- she didn't acknowledge him at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the adoption of 2 year old David could've been a last effort to unite the couple.

According to the UK Telegraph:
The star is said to have hired Fiona Shackleton, the lawyer who represented Sir Paul McCartney in his recent divorce battle.

As the McCartney case demonstrated, Miss Shackleton is adept at protecting the fortunes of her star clients, with the former Beatle giving up only £24.3 million of his £825m fortune to ex-wife Heather Mills.

Madonna's wealth is estimated at £300 million and she is not believed to have signed a pre-nuptial agreement before her wedding to Ritchie in December 2000.

She didn't sign a pre-nup??? Oy.

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Obama Wasn't Emailing Scarlett

I thought it was something like this.

Remember when Scarlett Johansson blabbed to the press about Obama emailing her all the time, and how did he have time when he was running for president? It was such an odd thing to say about someone you were voting for, made me wonder if she was a secret McCain operative.

Barack just revealed that he's only gotten one email Scarlett -- and it came through his assistant.

"I write saying, 'thank you Scarlett for doing what you do,' and suddenly we have this email relationship," said Obama.

Source: TMZ

My Favorite New Sites

Gawker had a post on Blogs that became books.

The Fine Lines blog- books from childhood. Judy Blume!

Also a favorite new blog- Postcards From Yo Momma. People sent in emails that their moms sent them.

Some examples (each paragraph is a different email from a mom):

am going to have my hard working princess daughters spend $100 each for a fancy dinner- food we consume, digest then poo? I would rather spend money supporting the local restaurants. Mama

Hot as the devil, still. A lot of people lost power last week and have really been suffering, so we shouldn’t complain too much, I guess. And you are hotter still, poor baby. Remember, baby powder prevents chafing.

So how is it, girlie girl? Are you okay? We have a guy in the top 15 most wanted on the loose in MS. He stabs and beatrs his victims with a hammer after he robs them. Good grief. That is truly crazy. Let me know how the work is going.

I didn’t ask but did you ride on the bridge? As long as you didn’t jump off then life is good. Or maybe you’d go to a better life. Probably not because then you’d have committed suicide and are doomed to eternal damnation. But maybe you wouldn’t if you asked for God’s forgiveness before you jumped. Who knows. I’m just glad you’re here and my daughter. Love Mom

Here’s the worried mom talking “Are you eating well? Have you stopped using anti-perspirant? Will you have fun at Symphony Hall tonight? What’s new? What’s old?”
Give me a reassuring e-mail so that I know you aren’t huddled in a corner, starving, and lonely!!!

When mom found out child was getting a roommate:
Do you really want to go down that road again? I don’t like this idea, you don’t know her well… What if she’s a secret cocaine user… If you guys don’t get along is she going to flip out on you??? There are so many things that could go wrong here… drugs, promiscuity, anger issues. What if she puts super glue in your shampoo as a joke? Things to think about…

That person's roommate's mom had a similar response (and they're not immigrants)
Grumble,,….grumble,…. You don’t know this girl very well….she could leave you stranded with a lease……she could stab you while you sleep…..she could pour boiling hot coffee on you at breakfast…….valley park??? It floods there!!!! There are bugs there!!!!! They don’t rent to immigrants like you!!!!

Bush Thinks Philippine-Americans Make Good Cooks

This is what W. said to the Filipino president who was in Washington, D.C.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Madam President, it is a pleasure to welcome you back to the Oval Office. We have just had a very constructive dialogue. First, I want to tell you how proud I am to be the President of a nation that -- in which there's a lot of Philippine-Americans. They love America and they love their heritage. And I reminded the President that I am reminded of the great talent of the -- of our Philippine-Americans when I eat dinner at the White House. (Laughter.)


PRESIDENT BUSH: And the chef is a great person and a really good cook, by the way, Madam President.


Next he'll let the Mexican president know he thinks of talented Mexicans when he looks in the toilet.


Tim McGraw Personally Tosses Out Fan in Washington

ha ha This is Tim McGraw in Auburn, Washington pulling a crowd out of the audience when apparently security didn't help out. The security looks pretty lame.

Tim's rep tells TMZ:
he watched a man rush to the front of the stage. This overly aggressive fan attacked a female fan and Tim witnessed this incident. Tim called for security, but when they could not respond quick enough Tim and several crew members removed the fan from the audience where he was then turned over to the local authorities

Click Here

That Don Imus Story

Oldie McGee did it again and made a remark that has people talking.

The latest comments by Imus to come under scrutiny were aired on Monday's broadcast. During a conversation about (Pacman) Jones' run-ins with the law, Imus asked, "What color is he?" Sports announcer Warner Wolf said Jones — formerly known as Pacman — is "African-American." Imus responded: "There you go. Now we know."

Imus' explanation:
"What people should be outraged about is that they arrest blacks for no reason," Imus said Tuesday. "I mean, there's no reason to arrest this kid six times. Maybe he did something once, but everyone does something once."

Howard Stern has told stories of how Imus is a racist (from their days of working together a long time ago, and Howard would have to be telling the truth or else he could be sued).


Shaq Loses Badge Over Kobe Rap

Ok, is a special deputy badge like one they give kids? And will Shaq care in any way?

Shaquille O’Neal will lose his special deputy’s badge in Maricopa County because of language he used in a rap video that mocks former teammate Kobe Bryant.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said the Phoenix Suns center’s use of a racially derogatory word and other foul language left him no choice. Arpaio made Shaq a special deputy in 2006 and promoted him to colonel of his largely ceremonial posse later that year.

“I want his two badges back,” Arpaio told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “Because if any one of my deputies did something like this, they’re fired. I don’t condone this type of racial conduct.”

Will Burger King want their crown back?


So It Does Resemble Soap!

I like cilantro, but sometimes I thought it tasted like soap. Today I read this:

There is evidence that a genetic influence can cause cilantro to taste like soap to some people.

Cilantro rated the #18 most hated food according to an AOL poll that I don't think is too reliable since Maple Syrup is also on the list. Obviously these people have never had Wheat Hearts (or is it Cream of Wheat or both?). Just the thought of the big wheaty chunk that breaks up in your mouth...eck.


Even George Carlin Had the Young Wife

George Carlin's first wife died 11 years ago. Last night on Larry King, Carlin's second wife, by phone, said they would have celebrated their tenth anniversary in a few days. So he met and married someone within a year or so of his wife dying (there could be various circumstances). They showed a photo of the couple and she did seem much younger than 71 year old Carlin. Richard Belzer was on the Stern show and said Carlin married a 30 year old.

I'm not judging, but it goes along with the Larry King wife, McCartney wife, etc.

Photo: People

Larry King's Wife Checks Into Rehab

She's 48, he's 74. I think she looks older than 48. Too much time in the sun, too much plastic surgery is my guess. I think she was a patient of the guy that was putting industrial grade silicon in women's faces (Priscilla Presley was another one).

Although, her friend says "Shawn is in rehab for medication issues related to her chronic migraine problem."

We're all thinking it- before sexy-time with Larry, she's washing down pain pills with a big drink.

Photo, source: People

Shaq Raps Against Kobe

No love lost between Shaq and Kobe.

Shaquille O'Neal took the mic at a NYC club last night, unleashing a freestyle verbal assault directed at his arch-enemy Kobe Bryant -- blaming his former teammate for ruining his marriage and imploring him to "Tell me how my a* tastes."

After spending several verses shredding Kobe apart for losing in the NBA playoffs, Shaq drops the line, "I'm a horse, Kobe ratted me out, that's why I'm getting divorced."

Kobe allegedly said something about Shaq's extracurricular affairs and Mrs. O'Neal found out. Although, I would think she would already know/assume.
Shaq's voice kinda goes with his body...the voice of a giant. See it here

Heather Locklear Getting Treatment

Heather Locklear is seeking treatment for psychological issues at an Arizona facility, her publicist confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

"Heather has been dealing with anxiety and depression. She requested an in-depth evaluation of her medication and entered into a medical facility for proper diagnosis and treatment," says Locklear's rep, Cece Yorke.

I think seeing photos of when she was dating David Spade might've made her depressed.

What I've heard, and this is mere speculation, is that she's a pill popper (looking at the picture...she looks a little glassy-eyed). So hopefully she is getting the help she needs.

Photo, Source: People

Anne Broke Up With Him Just in Time

Now Anne Hathaway is being referred to as Raffaello Follieri's ex-girlfriend when it is being reported that he has been arrested. The timing isn't a coincidence, I'm sure. Zach Braff's doppleganger has been arrested on wire fraud conspiracy and money laundering charges, Manhattan prosecutors said Tuesday.
More here.

Photo: Reuters
Source: AP

John McCain's First Wife

While he was a POW, John McCain's first wife was in a bad car accident that left her with horrible injuries. Luckily, her divorce from McCain stipulates that he will pay her medical care for life (or so the story goes).

He did marry new wife Cindy just a month after divorcing his first wife. Cindy is 18 years younger, and just happens to be have some family money.

The Brits sum it up best with this article: here

What Were Those Seven Words?

Something for future trivia question: George Carlin was the first person to host Saturday Night Live.

I had heard about the seven words you can't say on television, according to George Carlin, but had never known what words they were exactly. They are: sh*t, p*ss, f*ck, c**t, c***sucker, motherf*****, t*ts.

Photo: Reuters

Going to That Malt Shop in the Sky

Dody Goodman, who played the principal's assistant in Grease, died. She was 93.

Photo: AP

Gene Simmons Sex Tape- What Happened to That?

As seen on an episode of Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Gene and Shannon went on the Adam Carolla show (I'm guessing this was within the last 6 months), and they took lie detector tests. While Shannon generally looks somewhat annoyed with Gene throughout most shows, she seemed very interested in whether or not he had been with another woman since they have been together (24 years). He said he hadn't, and the machine said he was telling the truth.

So...was the sex tape after he took the lie detector test? Or was the sex tape fake?

George Carlin Dies

Huh. It is just weird that George Carlin died. It wasn't long ago I saw his special on tv.

Comedian George Carlin, a counter-culture hero famed for his routines about drugs and dirty words, died of heart failure at a Los Angeles-area hospital on Sunday, a spokesman said. He was 71.

Carlin, who had a history of heart problems, died at St. John's Health Center in Santa Monica about 6 p.m. PDT (9 p.m. EDT) after being admitted earlier in the afternoon for chest pains, spokesman Jeff Abraham told Reuters.

Photo, source: Reuters

McCain Wife Quiz

From Reader Mo:

(highlight next to the question for the answer)

Which wife stood by John while he was a prisoner in Vietnam? Carol (wife #1)

Which wife did John abandon after she got disfigured in a terrible car crash? Again Carol

Which wife is worth multiple millions and able to support John's political career? Cindy (wife #2)

Which wife's bookkeeping clumsinesses help save John from prosecution as one of the Keeting Five (look it up in Wiki)? Once again Cindy

Which wife did John allegedly cheat on? If you said both you are a winner.

Apparently Crack Isn't Good For You

I rarely post about Amy Winehouse because she's just too much of a mess, and she gets plenty of coverage elsewhere should any of you care.

Amy Winehouse, who has been hospitalized and undergoing tests after collapsing, is suffering the early stages of emphysema, her father says.

"With smoking the crack cocaine and the cigarettes her lungs are all gunked up," Mitch Winehouse tells the Sunday Mirror in the U.K. "There are nodules around the chest and dark marks. She's got 70 percent lung capacity."

Photo, source: People

Martha Banned From Britain

I'm pretty sure OJ was welcomed at Oxford after Nicole's death. But apparently Martha isn't welcome because of her conviction.

The lifestyle guru was planning to visit Britain in the coming days for business engagements, but the Daily Telegraph and other British newspapers reported Friday that she was denied permission to enter because of her 2004 conviction for obstructing justice.


Julia's Shades Annoy Photogs

I'm curious if the photographers that show up at red carpet events are the same ones that chase celebrities in their cars. Because if it's the latter, I don't blame Julia for wearing her sunglasses at the premiere of 'Kit Kittredge: An American Girl' a movie she produced.

Crystal + Lucy Awards

Meg's face starting to return to normal?

My guess is that she has something in her lip (like Lisa Rinna) and it can't come out. Unlike the injection that people get that dissolves over time, this is probably some kind of lip implant that would be hard to take out, perhaps leave scars.

Oy. Now She'll Be (More) Intolerable

She of the horrific wigs, Tyra Banks, won a Daytime Emmy.

More pics:

Matt McConaughey Drunk in Nicaragua

I love that he admits he was drunk, and that he is missing his left flip flop!

NY Daily News:
McConaughey denies any untoward advances but admits imbibing. "Drunk?" he told us via e-mail. "Absolutely. Nicaragua is a beautiful place, epic waves, the best surfing I have ever been on. And yes, I'm STILL looking for my left flip-flop. So if anyone finds it floating around down there (it has 6:22 stitched into the side), please send it my way. There is a reward."

Pics here. Look at the people that cheese it up for the camera behind him.

Did Ed's Wife Spend His Money?

I thought the wife might be to blame. I mean- he is old, so the trade off for the younger wife is the money, no? I thought that was the unwritten rule of Hollywood marriages.

According to TMZ:

Our sources tell us Pamela McMahon, Ed's wife of 16 years, is literally spending him onto the street. We hear she's completely "oblivious" to the late night legend's cash troubles, and shops like their life depended on it. Her AmEx bill is legendary -- the couple reportedly owes them nearly $750K.

That's causing an issue for Ed's friends, who are conflicted about bailing him out. They don't want to see their 85-year-old friend foreclosed on and homeless, but they also don't want to encourage Pamela's passion for Prada.

And to add insult to injury, now Donald Trump wants to exploit Ed's sad situation for publicity. The blowhard famewhore has made a public "offer" to help the "Bloopers" star, but that's news to Ed. Trump's only reached out to the public -- not the McMahons -- as you think he might. A source close to Ed tells us the "people who are talking publicly aren't necessarily the ones who are helping." We hear there are others who "quietly" are trying to assist.

Ed's rep denies Pamela's spending is the reason for their troubles -- the rep says she's not "extravagant."

And this:
Now Citibank has filed suit against the foreclosure-plagued star, alleging he owes them roughly $180,000. As we first reported, Ed's wife Pamela's out of control spending is gonna put him on the streets. Am Ex says he owes them nearly $750k.

Photo: Reuters

James Taylor Sounds Like a Dick

Carly Simon and her son with James Taylor, Ben, were on Howard Stern's show today. Howard talked to Carly about her relationship with James. The two haven't talked for years. Carly said James won't talk with her and that things have only gotten icier over the years.

Howard got it out of her that James cheated first, and, in her words, it was "tit for tat".

"There is a coldness...that he initiates", said Ben about his parents. There were also hints that their daughter, Sally, is on James' side.

My take on the situation is that James is one of those controlling guys that had his fun while touring in the 70's, but got mad when he found out she cheated. Oh, and he was a heroin addict. I'm sure that was fun for her. He's controlling and ashamed, and instead of apologizing he gets mad. He's music bores me anyways.

Photo: AP

Maybe It's Gotten to Him?

You know- Two wars, cities under water, housing crisis, Enron, outing CIA agents, citizens of the world hate us, and gas is over $4.

W looks worn out. The picture on left is from the day before he was sworn in, the picture on the right is from June 2, 2008.

On the left- beer drinking, Daddy gets him jobs (although bro helped him get this one), not a care in the world
On the right- worst president ever. Hey, even W has to be bothered by that!

Photo: Reuters

Cindy McCain- The New Kitty Dukakis?

Remember how much of a lashing Kitty Dukakis got for being, was it an alcholic?

Rumors are swirling about Cindy McCain having an affair. But I think it's getting little attention because- no one would blame her! ha ha I joke. Sanctity of marriage and all that.

In 1994 she admitted that for three years she became addicted to painkillers.

Mrs McCain, 53, blamed her dependency on two back operations and the stress of her peripheral involvement in the so-called Keating Five scandal, in which her husband was accused of receiving donations and lobbying on behalf of a collapsed saving company's disgraced chief.

To make matters worse, it emerged that she had stolen pills from the American Voluntary Medical Team, a third world relief organisation that she had founded. Mrs McCain entered a rehab programme rather than face criminal charges. She later told an interviewer: "The best thing I've ever done is go into recovery and stay drug-free."

Meanwhile, he said the experience had strengthened their marriage, which began a year after the two met in 1979 when Mr McCain's first marriage was in decline.


More Charlie vs. Denise If Ya Care

And no, it wasn't over this outfit.

The latest here. Read the part where he apologized to his african-american friend, who was best man at his first two weddings. Oy.

Photo: AP
Source: ABC News

Brit's Sister Has Her Baby

I'm sure Brit is furious her sister had a girl, since Brit has two boys and probably wanted the second one to be a girl. Just a guess.

Jamie Lynn, 17, and the baby daddy, 19, named the new baby Maddie Briann.

Photo: People

First George, Now Anne

I'm telling you, these celebs read what is said about them and take action as needed. (well, not Britney)

Clooney's ex gave an interview that had many people scratching their heads, wondering why he was with her. The next day it is reported that he breaks up with her.

Anne Hathaway's boyfriend of four years, Raffaello Follieri, has been allegedly bouncing checks, and the NY Attorney General's office is investigating his charity. The New York Daily News had an article about how dating a perceived loser can reduce an actresses personal stock.
Every time this guy screws up, newspapers and magazines run a picture of poor Anne. So this week, instead of promoting her new summer flick, "Get Smart," she has to dodge questions about why she still dates such a loser. Her social and personal value plummets all because she can't ditch this dud.

That story was June 12. Now we find out Hathaway and bf are no longer together.

(He looks like the Scrubs guy, no?)

Photo: People

Full Moon

A story on why the moon will look bigger but really isn't. Or something like that.

Photo: AP

Mario is Bachelor of the Year???

People magazine chose this chump as their Hottest Bachelor.
No thanks.

I don't think his ex-wife, or ex-girlfriend would agree that he's much of a catch.

Here Mario recreates Marky Mark's pose (I think for Calvin Klein ad?)

Photo: People

Ten Second Movie Review: Get Smart


Photo: Yahoo

Ashley Olsen Dating the Guy From National Treasure???

My level of care on this is small, but I thought I would still point out that it seems odd...although I know nothing about him. Or really her for that matter. Except that she's frickin' rich.

Photo: People

Cyd Charisse Dies

With Fred Astaire in "The Band Wagon".

Classically trained, she could dance anything, from a pas de deux in 1946's "Ziegfeld Follies" to the lowdown Mickey Spillane satire of 1953's "The Band Wagon" (with Astaire).

Photo, Source: AP

Stan Winston Dies

Maybe because I'm a movie nerd, I know who Stan Winston is.

Stan Winston, the Oscar-winning special-effects maestro responsible for bringing the dinosaurs of "Jurrasic Park" and other iconic movie creatures to life, has died. He was 62.

Working with such directors as Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Tim Burton in a career spanning over four decades, Winston created some of the most memorable visual effects in cinematic history. He helped bring the dinosaurs from "Jurassic Park," the extraterrestrials from "Aliens, the robots from "Terminator" and even "Edward Scissorhands" to the big screen.

Winston won visual effects Oscars for 1986's "Aliens," 1992's "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" and 1993's "Jurassic Park." He also won a makeup Oscar for 1992's "Batman Returns."


The New Strawberry Shortcake

I dunno. On one hand I'm not sure why they had to make her hair pink, and I think the dress seems a little short. But the old Strawberry was a bit old-fashioned what with the bloomers and all. But what's wrong with kids liking a character that is old-fashioned. I mean, Holly Hobbie rocks!

Uh, they've revamped Holly Hobbie?!?! Ok, not so bad since they've made her the great-great-granddaughter of Holly Hobbie (she's the one in the middle).

What's with all the 80's icon makeovers? Why not make Miss Piggy into a BLT and finish my childhood favorites.