Tiger Might Be a Dog

Well, this is a surprise to no one, except those that think romantic comedies are real and that Jennifer Aniston is a great actress.

In what universe do you think a golf superstar would reject women that throw themselves at him?

The latest (which btw- top story of the local news here in LA)
-The hydrant isn't filing charges.
-US Weekly reports that a woman who was on Tool Academy is claiming that she had a long affair with Tiger. I mean, Tool Academy?
-Huffington Post has texts.

In case you don't know where this all started- a tabloid claimed Tiger had an affair with this woman, which is what some assume set off Tiger's wife (thus causing him to flee into a hydrant). Change of subject- if I got a schnozz job, it might look like her nose. Thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

Mo votes no schnozz job. That's how Joan Rivers started. Just a nose job.

btw notice the dark glasses on "that woman". Hides her lop-sides eyes.