Emmys- What The?

The Family Guy short where the boy was beating up the dog was horrible. I think it might've been a spoof of something? If it wasn't- then what could they be thinking?

A Defamer commenter explains it:

They didn't plan it for the ceremony, the emmy people just asked them if they could use it. The Family Guy folks put out a few of those clips online the Stewie attacks on Brian when he said he'd vote for another show. Fans understood the clips referenced a classic Family Guy scene from an episode where Stewie turns into a loan shark. The emmys would have been better off not using it, though, since who aren't fans wouldn't get the reference and could be put off by the violence.

I guess they wanted a way to bring some Family Guy into the show since there had been excitement and press around the nomination and it was clear the show would never win.

Beating up a dog. That's some comedy for you. In the old cartoons when they drop anvils on heads they don't drag it out like that. If Seth McFarland, is trying to take that to the nth degree, then let it be for the show and not an Emmy telecast. That was in poor taste.

And I emailed the Emmys to let them know what I thought. That's right. I have that kind of time.

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Anonymous said...

Listen Missy...Stewie's not a boy he's a baby! Brian, "the dog", isn't just a dog but a martini swilling, sinatra singing, Prius driving adult member of the family. He got worms and was too embarassed to ask anyone else for the money to get medication. Hence the loan shark beat down. Funny! Respect the Family Guy!! ;p