Thursday Stuff

I'm back at the library where the smell of BO is so strong, and seems so right-under-my-nose that I thought my Tom's of Maine wasn't working again. But, I don't think it's me (not this time). It's just the library.

On the way here, Howard Stern was talking about his deoderant dilemma, which is all of ours, really- not wanting to stink, but not wanting to use aluminum. He gave Tom's of Maine a bad review, but said he found something by Nature's Gate that works. I will be looking for it soon.

Anyways- about that speech last night. I was glued to the tv, and towards the end I was shouting "suck it" when they would show the dour GOP like Bahner (I'm not even going to look up how to spell his name).

Some a** shouted during the speech, and we later found out it was a Repub from SC, Joe Wilson. He shouted during the comment about illegal immigrants getting coverage- President Obama said they wouldn't. It must bother this guy enough that he shouted "You lie!" Huh. Might want to check your racism level, buddy. If illegal immigrants bother you that much, you might need some help.

Imagine if someone shouted during any of Bush's speeches, which were most likely full of lies.

Keith Olbermann's show started and he told us that the person who just spoke for the republican response had several malpractice suits and some other issues. I couldn't help but laugh. The republicans can't get it together.

Over and out!

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