Survivor: What is it With Crazy Bald Russells?

Big Brother had a crazy bald guy named Russell and now Survivor has one. Can't help but think the Survivor Russell is a bit of a plant.

When he told the story of Hurricane Katrina flooding his house and his german shephard didn't make it out the roof with him I thought it sounded odd. I dunno, pet owners would probably jump in the water to get their dog. And he said he grabbed his axe and went up to the upper floor to get out. Who has an axe handy, yet can't grab their dog? Anyways, after telling the story he told the camera that he made the whole thing up.

Oh, and he's a millionaire. Why, especially during a recession, do they let millionaires on the show? Not that it matters in his case. He's not going to make it very far.

Blonde and booby Ashley almost was the first voted out, and she wouldn't proven what I always say- the curvy girl always goes first. I think she would've been the first to go, but Marissa started blabbing during the tribal council. I think the producers must give them coffee right before that- why else would they be so chatty when they should just zip it.

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