Project Runway- The Judges Confirmed It

For awhile now I have seen the PR judges and I drift apart (Daniel V wins PR allstars?), and last night confirmed it.

Lifetime's website is not blogger friendly, so images are hard to put on here

The designers were to make an outfit out of newspaper from the LA Times. These days, there's probably a lot of newspapers sitting around, so it really was a show on recycling.

Johnny, the former meth addict, threw away his first dress after Tim Gunn told him it looked like it was made by school children (and that was nice- it looked like the pig blood scene from Carrie), and told everyone his first dress was ruined by water from a steamer. Everyone knew that was bull because there wasn't a steamer that day. As viewers we don't know why he bothered to lie. Sure we could blame his meth past. Or we can go with my theory that reality shows have plants and Johnny is it. Whatever the case, his second dress wasn't much good and he was sent home.

Someone should tell Lifetime that having pics that bloggers can grab actually helps the show.

Anyways, if you can't tell from the pic above, Johnny did the reverse v-neck which I can't imagine is flattering on anyone. That goes down as one of the most hideous necklines ever on PR.

The judges and I agree on that.

We disagree with the winner- Irina.

The coat was fine. But there were better.

I'm guessing Althea didn't win because she won last week. She was creative in making a pattern out of the newspaper print.

Christopher made a skirt of feathers, which you could see if Lifetime had a better website.

I actually like not having the same opinion as Heidi and all the guest judges. Who wants to be in step with Eva Longoria? But where are Michael and Nina Garcia? They've been gone for awhile.

Have you seen the show afterwards- Models of the Runway? Yikes. Lots of crying.

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