Sadly, Patrick Swayze aka big brother Darry from The Outsiders, has passed away from cancer.

I know everyone loves Dirty Dancing and Ghost, but don't forget about Roadhouse! That movie kicks all kinds of butt.

I read an article about him today and they said some of his Outsider co-stars outshined him- like Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon, Rob Lowe and Diane Lane. Heh? Matt Dillon doesn't outshine anyone. And while Diane Lane is popular in chick flick movies now, I would still argue that Swayze is the bigger star.

Pour one out for Swayze.

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Anonymous said...

Patrick Swayze is a great star and a superb talent.

Diane Lane is also great. She earns about $5 to $7 million a film now.

I wonder if Swayze ever got that much?

Lane is a big star. Swayze is still a big star. Let'sleave it at that?