J Lo's New Commercial- It's Stalkerific

What was the creative discussion behind J. Lo's new commercial?

Let's have J. Lo driving the Fiat as street thugs dressed in Gap clothes run after her, stalk her and jump on her car. And put a few of them on skateboards...and get Cool Rider from Grease 2 to make an appearance.

Fearing for her life, J. Lo will stop the car and the thugs will lift her out of the car's roof. They will set her on the hood while she's wearing heels. If you could dress her like a 90's secretary on her lunch break on a hot day, that would be great. When off the hood, J. Lo should engage in funky dancing with the thugs. She will perform so many hip movements they will be on the ground. It's like her hips killed them. Brilliant!

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