Project Runway- Avant Gawdy

It seems like every season there is an avant garde challenge, and every time there are designers that don't know the meaning. If you're going to be on Survivor learn how to start a fire before you start the show, if you're going to be on Amazing Race train in rappelling, and for the love of Pete if you're going to be on Project Runway learn avant garde!!! I say this frequently, yet these reality contestants aren't listening! (what? they don't read the blog?)

I never thought I would say this but where was Nina Garcia when we needed her? Her and I don't agree often but I think when she's gone Michael Kors goes soft.  

Anthony Ryan was the winner.  Walking down the runway it looked blah. Guest judge Kenneth Cole was very politely trying to say- yeah, no.

The judges liked Laura's dress.  I thought it looked like something Carrie wore right before pig's blood was dropped on her head. Not avant garde.

Also in the top three, Joshua (the really bitchy one). Anyone else notice that the color palette is the same that the judges hated previously (orange with brown)?  And he added a witches hat? Looks like Halloween. No way Nina Garcia would've let that go unnoticed!

Joshua (the one that was brought back) gave us avant garde for hookers. And he was sent home.  Did you notice the top part of his outfit resembled what the other Joshua wore (what was that?!) on the day of the runway? 

Heidi liked Bert's outfit, so that helped him out of the bottom. But let's be honest, we can see Lady Gaga wearing this.

Oliver made this, which I think has to be one of the ugliest globs of fabric to ever walk the runway, which is saying a lot since there has been some ugly stuff on the runway (see the two photos above). The judges kept pointing out how well one side was constructed.  Really? It looks like the vests we were wearing in the 90's.  And why make her hair a mess also? Oliver has not recovered since falling on the track, me thinks.

I thought Anya would be in the top 3. She wasn't.

Becky didn't like being called dowdy so she showed them! She made this pin cushion dress.

Bryce...wonder what inspired him to make a straight jacket outfit.

Kimberly doesn't bore, doesn't wow.

I thought this was tacky, like something Destiny's Child would wear, but Viktor made it through to the next round. These are the colors and textures of pantyliners. He was lucky there was already an overflowing (no pun intended) bottom 3.

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