Project Runway- Another Team Challenge

Team challenges mean cat fights, bickering, bitching and more bitching. This week- one team works well together nearly giggling as they stitch, while the other team narrowly avoids death by sewing needles.

Let's begin, shall we?

The old make your own fabric challenge. These are creative people, surely they will come up with some beautiful textiles since they can do anything they want. Right? Well, just wait and see.

Team Chaos
Anthony Ryan, Anya, Viktor, Olivier and Bryce are all on one team. Before the outfits walk down the runway you know who is going to win just by the designers.

The judges were in love with Olivier's jacket... of course...Anya wins. Huh? They barely talked about her outfit.

Anthony Ryan made a fabulous outfit. Love!

Viktor's dress was a hit with the judges, although you wouldn't know it by the model's expression.

Color Bryce lucky that he ended up on this team.

Team Nuts and Bolts

Now, this was your typical school yard way of choosing teams, so how did Joshua, Laura, Becky and Bert all get on the same team? If I thought the producers were manipulative I would say this was on purpose.

They brainstormed for themes and came up with, not joking, the Village People, (suggested by Joshua) sea anemones (Laura) clocks (not sure). So they went with clocks and named their team Nuts and Bolts, appropriately enough. I am not joking when I say that Joshua last week reminded me of Can't Stop the Music, which stars who else? The Village People.

Joshua was bringing the bitchy. He was fighting with Tim over "where is your girl going?" This is a common question asked of the designers. Something along the lines "someone would by this for what occasion"? Joshua didn't like the question, and said she could just be living her life...she could be going anywhere since it's a jacket. I guess he didn't feel comfortable saying she was going to a reunion of 80's video models. This is around the time Tim had them all hold hands for a prayer circle. Really.

Joshua came up with this design, and the fabric. I love when Michael Kors said "not a lot of women want to have cancelled on their crotch." The shoes are bad, too.

Laura said she is the love child if Betsy Johnson and Oscar De La Renta had a baby. Uh, yeah. Keep telling that to yourself toots.

Oh Becky, I like your feisty, spitfire-y sass, but you have work still to do with design. We knew she would be sent home as soon as she said "I'm confident the jacket will carry me through." The editors always do that!

Bert brings his usual not amazing, but not the worst dress.

Kimberly again doesn't wow, isn't the worst

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