Guttenberg on Dancing With the stars

On Dancing with the Stars, Steve Guttenberg congratulated his parents on their 50th wedding anniversary. A quick look on IMDB says Guttenberg was born in August 1958. That means Gutt's mom was three months preggers when she got married. That whore!

I joke. But don't the parents know to move up the wedding anniversary a few months? So you got married in March, tell people December and Stevie was a honeymoon baby. Or, maybe the Guttenberg's were progressive back in the day and don't give a crap.

Guttenberg was so happy to be there. He smiled and just raved about the show. I'm not sure if that was genuine or medication.

The judges did not like Adam Carolla or seem to think he was amusing at all. He scored lower that Penn Jillette, who surprisingly had some rhythm. Doesn't look like Adam will make it very far, so I don't think I'll watch much longer.

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