People Who Should Apologize Before Michael Phelps

While Michael Phelps is apologizing for being caught with a bong, there are a few other people that I think should apologize first 'cause they did stuff more dastardly than smoke pot.

Granted, Phelps is probably apologizing because 1) he has huge endorsement deals 2) his fans could be religious people who think pot is the worst thing ever, but I don't think a 23 year old should be groveling for our forgiveness over pot. Let's be honest- we all thought he was a big dork, so this just makes us think of him as less of a dork.

These people did more than a few tokes: The banks, CEOs who keep getting bonuses while they lay people off, W., Cheney and co (cause that list is long). Who am I forgetting?

Michael- pass the peace pipe to Christian Bale, will ya?

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