Project Runway- Camel Butt

This week- more teams! Also- design for Heidi's fashion line, an outfit that matches her New Balance shoes! Cecelia just didn't give a crap anymore and quit the show and Joshua was brought back!

So let's get to it:

The contestants had to run around a track to choose teams. Now, there's a reason men and women don't compete against each other in racing competitions, so...not surprisingly all the men finished before the women. Well, except for Bert and Olivier who made a sad fall onto the ground and then had a panic attack. Poor Ollie. Bottom line- not a fair competition, Lifetime, the network for Women...allegedly!

The project leaders were the top 3 runners which were Josh, Anthony Ryan and Bryce.

Anthony Ryan picked his buddy Laura to be on his team, and then had final pick which meant he was stuck with Bert.

Anthony made this outfit. I guffawed when Ms. Kors said "you did the impossible, you managed to make it baggy and tight at the same time...look at that camel toe" and when the model turned around and all the judges gasped at the shorts up her backside, Bert said "and camel butt." Heidi let it be known that if it was up to her Anthony Ryan would be sent home.

Anthony Ryan said Bert's outfit looked like she was a cocktail waitress. So either Nina or Michael said to Anthony Ryan, "well where is your model going in that outfit?" and he said "nowhere." More guffaws.

Laura's was no good, and when will these vesty things stop?

I guess not until after Joshua takes one through a shredder.I mean this vest thing is atrocious yet Michael and Nina Garcia liked it, with Nina almost squealing about liking Josh's outfit. I just can't figure that woman out sometimes. The short? ick. And THE HAIR. The judges didn't even mention it. Is Josh related to the producers?

Even though Joshua won, Anya's dress is going to be replicated and sold online. I guess Joshua won for being the team leader.

The actual dress on Amazon is sans that stripe. And sells for $118.

Josh, he with more bark than talented bite, made Becky cry by calling her clothes dowdy. And he is so hookery.
The judges were not so nice about Becky's outfit. Although, this model should keep this top if she's looking to find a boyfriend. Hellllooooo.

The judges seemed to like Bryce's dress, although I thought it looked like a cinched pillowcase.

Danielle makes very unflattering clothes for women. And she was sent packing.

This is Kimberly's outfit...sort of. Danielle made the jacket. 

Joshua (the returning one) made this- it looks like she has a backpack but really it's a fake gun holster. So the person who attempts to rob her for her backpack will be excited that there isn't a gun to retaliate.

Even though Heidi told Olivier that it looked like Farm Girl when she saw the skirt earlier, he stuck with it. Cropping the top right at the hip did not help.

Team leader Viktor also won. His jacket will also be sold online.

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