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LOVE this movie. It won best documentary at the Oscars in 2009, and if that year there were 10 Best Pic noms, it should've got one.

Quirky movie with liberal anti-war subtext with Clooney- what's not to love?

The September Issue chronicles Vogue staff, mainly Anna Wintour, as they put together a record size September Issue. Good documentary, but Wintour and her side kick Leon Andre Talley or whatever his name is are beyond ridiculous in their over-the-top snotty attitudes. Grace Coddington, someone with actual talent, constantly gets the snub from Wintour. I think Wintour is jealous of Coddington's aesthetic. When Wintour rejects a gorgeous image from Coddington's photo shoot that said it all. Wintour is insecure (and wearing pleated skirts at her age!) This documentary reminded me of other people who think they are great- they get there by bossing people around and making people fear them, but underneath they might not have anything to offer at all.

The Taking of your time 1 2 3. Oy this movie is bad. Tony Scott uses his same signature style as he did in so many other movies. And Travolta as a bad guy just gets old.

Watch the original with Walter Mattheu.

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Its the movie that I watched with my friends and they don't like it at all but I liked it very much. The story touches me a lot. Its a great movie.