Very Important Birthday

A few days ago was Rick Springfield's birthday. I know what you're thinking- did I take the day off work, put on an oversized neon shirt, eat Reeses Pieces while singing Jessie's Girl over and over. No. But now that I type that, I should have. Dang!

He just played several shows in Washington, including Lynden (isn't that the "Footloose" town? Can't dance?) and Kennewick where it made the paper that some fans dressed up.


Jeannified said...

I work with a girl who is from Lynden. I called her just now to ask her about "Footloose." She said it wasn't filmed there, but Lynden DOES have a law that says that you can't dance and drink at the same time. Also, if you want to have a dance, you have to get apermit first. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

I've been to many a bar in/around Lyndon and she is definitely correct. You should know that Lu bing a WWU alumni and all! At least when we were back in school some of the Lynden bars didn't have music if there was alchohol involved.

clusterblog said...

Yes, by "Footloose" town, I meant law similar to Footloose. I didn't think the Bacon actually was in Lynden. That I would remember!