The second most common question people ask me about Rick Springfield, besides "does he have any songs other than Jessie's Girl?" (yes, something like 16 Top 40 songs, people c'mon now) is "does he recognize you?" since I've seen him in concert a few times.

Let's have the pictures speak for themselves, shall we?

A few weekends ago I met my Rick concert cohort in Primm, Nevada at Buffalo Bill's, where Rick was performing. YEEEHAAAW!

A table displayed a few Rick tchotchkes including a bottle opener. I'm sure they have boxes of these and are trying to get rid of stock, but given Rick's arrest a few month's ago for DUI, I'd let this trinket sit in the warehouse a bit longer.

During the concert Rick makes his way into the audience.

Like a lion to a gazelle, I move in.

"Rick! It's me! Remember me? Turn around Rick! RIIIIIIICK!"

And he heads off in the other direction.

So I guess I hope he doesn't recognize me and then gives me the cold shoulder. Ok, it wasn't cold. It was warm. You didn't think I would get that close and not touch, did you?

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Anonymous said...

Mo wonders if you were taking a chance defying the restraining order.