Mel Gibson has made Tom Cruise jumping on a couch look delightful, Alec Baldwin seem like a concerned parent and Christian Bale appear like a passionate actor. O'Reilly still looks like a douche. (Zing!)

If you want to hear Gibson's latest, go to Dlisted.

Some of the quotes:

"You make me want to smoke. You f*ck my day up."
That actual made me laugh, although I know this situation isn't funny. But you f*ck my day up would really throw off a coworker. I might try it today.

"I left my wife, because we have no spiritual common ground."
Good for her. I can't imagine what spiritual common ground would be with Gibson

"I'll put you in a fucking rose garden you c*nt! You understand that? Because I'm capable of it!"
And there you are. End. of. career.

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