Huckabee Giving McCain the Win?

Is Huckabee splitting up Romney votes so McCain will win? Then McCain would make Huckabee his Vice President (shudder), which Huckabee won't mind since McCain is old and would be less likely to run for a second term.

This means Obama or Clinton would have to pick someone from the south as their Vice President.

Hopefully they will find one that believes in evolution.


Anonymous said...

Even McCain isn't crazy enough to put Huckelberry on the ticket with him. He will pick Lieberman, once Democrat now whore.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. While I think HR Huck & Suck and McCain are trying to steer the votes away from Romney, there's no way Huck or McCain would would have the other as their running mate. Lieberman is a decent choice for him, especially considering the fact that McCain is the most liberal out of all of the Repubs still running.