Who Doesn't Have Obama Fever? Ralph Nader

He's back. Ralph Nader is exploring whether or not he should run. He told Tom Hartman that he thinks it is a great way to get the issues heard. That worked so well for him the first time. Nothing changed, his issues were not heard. If a caller into the show is right (some Floridians heard Gore won Florida and thus voted for Nader, votes that would've given Gore the win in Florida, and the U.S.) I feel sick. What could've been. Sigh.

I'd like to think Ralph Nader really does mean well, but it is seeming like his ego is at work here. Try another method of getting your voice heard Ralph. I'm not bitter, I'm annoyed.

Photo: Reuters

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Anonymous said...

It's going around the internets (starting here) to look for a Nader/Kucinich Green Party ticket if HilBill wins the nomination. But plez don't blame them if McCain is the next president. If the Clintons win the nomination there will be a lot of Kucinich turned Edwards turned Obama supporters that won't turn for Hil. They will stay home or vote for Ralph. mo