I have now become the old person that doesn't understand the music these days. Ok, Amy Winehouse I get, not her behavior but her uniqueness in music. I don't get Umbrella ella ella. It's such a bad song and it won best rap collaboration. Jay Z must rap on it? 'Cause her part doesn't sound like rap.

I didn't watch all of the Grammys but I saw Kanye accept an award and he complained that they turned up the music (to get him to wrap up) and then he started talking about his mom and he said something about it being disrespectful to continue the music, and the producers turned it down.

Alicia Keys was clomping around the stage. I get the feeling she would rather be wearing jeans and sneakers, I wish they would let her.

Herbie Hancock won album of the year. And he threw out the "Yes we can" phrase. Amy Winehouse won 5 awards, Kanye won 4.

Photos, source: AP

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