Went to see Rick in Vegas at Mandalay Bay last weekend with fellow fan J. It was glorious in it's fake beach, one foot of water with a life guard (not joking), and $11 drinks. It was like Fort Lauderdale spring break. Although low on the douchey guys as it was mostly women, some patient husbands (including J's husband who stood in the back and watched our sandals as we waded in the water to the stage), and a couple of guys who were probably staying at the hotel and thought they could meet some women. They soon found out that all eyes are on Rick.

Normally I bring a disposable camera to Rick shows, because of this:
 My phone doesn't take good pics.

He was facing my direction, and my phone takes the pic as he is turned. 

Although, for not a good camera, you can still see Rick's crack:
Yes, he started to drop the pants. I was trying to get my phone to take a pic and J said "did you see that?" and I didn't since I was preoccupied with phone. But upon looking back through my pics I notice that I captured it on film. Rock on! I'm sure that's similar to the reaction Mr. Zapruder had upon reviewing his footage.

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