It's Not That Bad...

But it's not that good. It's like watching a long episode of the tv show. It's not painful to watch like a J. Low movie, but it was a bit ridiculous.

Sex and the City 2 is a stereotyped (that gay wedding!), squealing, over the top, "I am woman" movie that has what I consider to be the faux pas of chick flicks- a karaoke scene.

Samantha, a business woman, can't control herself and grabs a man's package in Abu Dhabi, even though it is obviously not Fort Lauderdale where anything goes. Carrie bitches out Big for eating in and not wanting to go out every night, and she glares at the bag of (expensive, trendy) food he brings home as if it is the worst thing a husband can do (hey at least he's bringing home food and not thinking she should. If she's so bothered, hire a cook. And why is eating out every night better than getting take out, seems similar.). Miranda...can't really remember much about her. Charlotte's daughter cries all the time and her nanny doesn't wear a bra.

But Liza Minnelli singing Single Ladies at the wedding was great.

The trailers before the movie were all chick flicks, and the new Twilight movie. Ha!

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Anonymous said...

See...I didn't care for this one. The over the top ridiculousness of Samantha that killed this movie for me. I thought Samantha looked like a train wreck, Charlotte was too pinched as always, Miranda looked outstanding for a change and Carrie wasn't my favorite character for once out of this clan. And why is it SJP either looks like a haggard old woman or someone who just dumped 10 tons of putty on her to make her look 10 years younger. Close ups do not do her justice!