The GGs

Thought Ricky Gervais was funny, but he was barely on the stage. I guess they brought him back, and then told him not to speak. He introduced Madonna, and didn't mention her fake British accent. Seemed like he introduced more people last year. We saw him about every half hour or so this year.

The awards themselves weren't much of a surprise. Even Madonna winning best song wasn't surprising (except maybe to Elton John, who on the red carpet said there was no f-ing way she would win). She won a Golden Globe for acting (!) years ago, confirming that the GGs are more a fun party than predictor of the Oscars.

Morgan Freeman got the Cecil B DeMille award from Sidney Poitier and his recent co-star Helen Mirren. Why not Tim Robbins from The Shawshank Redemption? He was there anyways, having been nominated for something (can't remember what, just noticed him there). Liked that the producers not only including a video clip from The Electric Company in Freeman's montage, but kept it playing longer than most of the other clips. Maybe the video editor is against people allegedly dating their grand daughters.

Making the night even more enjoyable-

Didn't think much of the fashion but did like-

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