Celebrities Really Are Stupid

If you don't know, I loathe Patricia Heaton. She's a big phony annoying person. I think she is religious, so it's surprising that she seems so botoxed.

Here she is on last night's Millionaire show. At the end of the show they have a celebrity come on to answer one question for charity. I think she is trying to act dumb to be cute. But it is really obnoxious.

On tonight's show, Wynonna Judd can't answer this question: If you had 4 shirts, and 3 pairs of pants how many different outfits could you make?

It took me 10 seconds to figure that out (each pants gets 4 shirts...so 12 different outfits)

Luckily for Wynonna's charity, her phone-a-friend was her aunt who knows basic math.

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