Griffin O'Neal on Larry King

Griffin O'Neal, son of Ryan, was on Larry King last night and he wasn't afraid to dish the dirt. He said his Dad was violent, was not faithful to Farrah, and that he may be having intimate relations with Alana Stewart (Farrah's best friend- and he did not have any proof, just speculation).

According to Griffin

-Ryan and Alana were exploiting Farrah (I can't disagree with him...Griffin also claimed that Alana was selling Farrah's items on eBay the day she died, and that he knows the eBay seller's name)

-The interview with Ryan right before Farrah's death was odd, with Ryan saying he would marry Farrah as soon as she could talk (again, I agree- that was odd)

-That weird altercation a few years ago where Ryan was arrested for trying to shoot Griffin, but was later not charged, stemmed from Griffin trying to get brother Redmond off of drugs. Griffin's pregnant wife got a face injury from a fire poker, but because no one could say for sure how she got it, no one was charged. That's what I mean by weird altercation. And also weird that Griffin said he was stabbed with the poker by Ryan. So why were charges dropped? It didn't make too much sense.

-Ryan gave him cocaine at age 11

In an attempt to be balanced, Larry reads from a piece of paper that Griffin was acquitted of manslaughter in the death of Francis Ford Coppola's son John Carlo in 1986, but charged with negligent operation of a boat.

I don't mean to toot my own gossipy horn, but at the time of Farrah's funeral, the media reported that Tatum and Griffin were at the service. I said they probably meant Tatum and Patrick. Beings Ryan allegedly tried to shoot Griffin, and all. Griffin confirmed to Larry that he was banned from the funeral, despite his good relationship with Farrah.

Hard to know what's true and what's not true. But Ryan recently admitted to hitting on his daughter at Farrah's funeral.

The Larry King transcript

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