Farrah's Funeral

Appropriately (and perhaps on purpose?), Farrah Fawcett's service was held at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels today. Her son Redmond was allowed to attend (he's in jail). Reports are that Ryan's children Griffin and Tatum also attended. He has another son, Patrick, that isn't mentioned. (I betcha it's Patrick that attended...isn't Griffin the one that got in a fight with Ryan a few years ago?)

Ok, I hope this isn't in bad taste to point out that Jose Eber has a black hat for such occasions. (Yes, I know some of you don't know who he is.) Maybe he frequently wears a black version, but I picture him in tan normally, for some reason. Why I'm acting like I've ever seen him much, I don't know. Just read this fact: he created Farrah's hair (I'm assuming the feather). I can't remember if I knew that.

He's also carrying a purse.

Marla Maples (with daughter Tiffany Trump), in a dress almost too short for a funeral, don't you think?

Cheryl Tiegs. The boots are a little, what? Young or something? I don't know.

Dick Van Patten. I agree, Dick, you don't have to wear black! And how did you ever find shoes to exactly match that suit?

Kate Jackson, aka Sabrina, aka the one I was when we played Charlie's Angels.

Not sure who this is...or why he is carrying the poster.

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