This N That

Oy. John Edwards might have a sex tape. That guy that claimed Rielle Hunter's baby was his and not Edwards (even though no one really believed it) is now writing a book. This could show Edwards to be not just an unfaithful husband, but a complete idiot.

And if you're a politician named John, we'll just assume you've had an affair.

Liza was interviewed on Larry King, and said, about her marriage to David Gest (paraphrasing): "Something came out...and I asked Michael why he didn't tell me before I got married and he said 'I thought you knew'". I barely care what this is, actually (Gest is gay? Gest was after her money? who knows). But, Liza looked good and sober.

Eddie Van Halen got married. I'm surprised the bride walked down to "When It's Love" (fer reals, she did...but as a string quartet version), beings that is a Hagar tune and all.

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