Where is Bubbles?

I've been wondering about Bubbles!

The 26-year old chimp, who lived with Jackson in the late 1980s, has spent the past four years at the Center For Great Apes, home to forty-two chimpanzees and orangutans.

"He's a very sweet and nice chimp, he really is," says sanctuary director Patti Ragan. "I've seen him go to the drinking fountain, start to take a sip of water and then, when he hears one of the younger ones coming, he'll step back and let them have a sip."

Bubbles was born at a facility in Texas that breeds primates for medical testing before Jackson adopted him in the '80s. The chimp arrived at Ragan's sanctuary -- which is not open to the public -- in 2005 after the singer's former animal trainer discontinued working with primates. Not long afterwards, a rep for Jackson contacted the facility, saying that Michael wanted to come and visit his former buddy. But the singer never made the trip.

Looks like Michael save Bubbles from a life of medical testing. I'd be curious how much is really gained from testing on these poor critters. I still remember a photo I saw of a monkey gripping onto a cage with his arms, while someone was pulling his legs (I'm guessing to get him out of the cage), while he was screaming. Sad.

Source: People.com

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