Blogger, Black Eyed Peas, Get in Fight

Poor Perez. Someone didn't like the way they are treated on his website so they had words with him. And a fist may have been thrown. What does he expect for the way he posts about celebrities?

Perez Hilton, who runs a popular, but sometimes nasty, website, was at a Toronto Nightclub when of the Black Eyed Peas confronted him. At some point Perez told that he was gay and said he was acting like a faggot. This is according to Perez, who is openly gay. Why would a gay man say things like that I don't know.

According to Perez:
"He was like 'You need to respect me.' He was in my face. He was obviously trying to intimidate me and scare me," Hilton said. "I was like 'I don't need to respect you. I don't respect you and I did say this, and I knew that it would be the worst thing I could possibly say to him because he was acting the way he was. I said 'You know what, I don't respect you and you're gay and stop being such a faggot.'"

Later, when leaving the club, the Black Eyed Peas' manager struck Perez.

I am surprised this hasn't happened to Perez sooner. He is mean about people's children, he shows private photos of celebs that have been leaked, and he has famously outed celebrities.

I don't agree with hitting someone, and the Black Eyed Peas would be best to just ignore Perez altogether. But Perez must live in a dreamland if he doesn't think his hurtful words don't get under the skin of people. And if they run into him, they might want to knock him out.


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