About Those Oscars

Now that some time has passed and I can think about last night's Oscars...I still think they stunk.

Some thoughts off the top of my head:

-Opening was bland. Odd Back to the Future reference. I bet they were going to use it to go somewhere in time but it got cut. Somewhere like Rydell High, perhaps?

This did not make it into the show, thankfully. I might've shot the tv screen.

-Melissa Leo has won SAG and Golden Globe awards so her completely stunned look was not even good acting (take the award away!). Sure she had those ads that tried to make her seem glam. But her look should've been relief that the backlash from the ads didn't ruin her chances. Not complete surprise.

-Kirk Douglas. The man does deserve some respect, but give the 90 year old a documentary award. We can all get up and refresh our drinks and get snacks while he goes on about the olden days. And he must have sharp eyesight to spot Hugh Jackman in the front row and make a comment (something about Hugh laughing at him). And what was with Melissa Leo grabbing grandpa Douglas' cane?

-Was it at this point that host Anne Hathaway makes a remark about the hip, young Oscars?

-During Melissa Leo's speech her costar Christian Bale was at the bar. Now listen, I'm all for bars. But the one time you are nominated for an Academy Award you can't sit your arse in a seat for three hours?

-And did Christian forget his wife's name in his acceptance speech? Everyone already thinks you're a loose canon so you might want to be on your game.

-And that beard. Rock Hudson had a better beard. Badumdum

-Anne singing to Hugh. What was that? Several references to Hugh throughout the night. James as a cross dresser made no sense.

-Goopy Gwyneth can't sing. She can hold a tune, but that does not make a good singer.

-When Billy Crystal came out everyone stood up, thinking "COME BACK!" Save us from this show. But he wasn't even that entertaining. But it's like having a bad opening act as a comedian. You have a lot of work to do to win back the audience and Billy didn't have that kind of time.

-I just didn't want to hear Natalie give another speech.

-Colin Firth gave a charming BAFTA speech, but looked nervous at the Oscars. He was great in The Kings Speech. But we want another Bridget Jones movie, am I right?

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