Worst Oscars in Recent Years?

David Letterman has long been the host that we think of that didn't quite connect with the audience. And for him it was mainly because he tried his gags (stupid pet tricks) at the Oscars. Well, I think he can hand that title over to James "funky eyes" Franco and Anne "like oh my gawd" Hathaway.

First thing Oscar producers should look for- comedians. Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, Billy Crystal all have something in common. Being funny was/is their main job. They know how to deliver a joke, what's funny, what works. Whoopi, Steve Martin, Jon Stewart also would be better choices.

Thankfully the producers didn't try and get the young crowd by having Dane Cook. But their attempt to attract a young crowd by hiring two young actors didn't work. Franco is great as a neo hippie type actor, his generations Woody Harrelson. But I don't want Woody hosting the Oscars.

Was Chris Rock that bad? Why can't he host again.

List of all the past hosts here.

More on the Oscars tomorrow?

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